Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Helllooo, i’m wondering if they’res anyone looking for english-dutch subtitlers? I’ve tried applying nobody answers…


Ello, wondering if you need english dutch subtitler?


Hoi, voor nieuwe Nederlandse vertalers is er de Dutch Subbing Academy (DSA). Hier kun je onder andere leren hoe vertalen op Viki werkt en welke methodes veel gebruikt worden. Het is geheel vrijblijvend, inschrijven/deelnemen is niet verplicht. Je kunt hem vinden door op de hoofdsite te zoeken op Ninja Segging & Subbing Academy. Als je er vragen over hebt, mag je een privébericht sturen naar mij of naar @damiechan of @mirjam_465.


Hello! I am looking for a project to subtitle. I am fluent in both English and Spanish. :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m Czech and I’d love to translate from English to Czech. Let me know if there are any projects, I’ll be happy to help.



I am newby as a subtitler on Viki (I don’t have QC status yet), but I’ would love to help subtitling korean, chinese, japanese and thai web drama, BL, romance, romance comedy, crime and mystery, action and fantasy dramas, from English to Czech, English to Serbian and English to Spanish.

C1 in Czech language.

B1 in English, Spanish and Serbian language.

Let me know if there are any upcoming projects, I’ll be glad to help.



I am able to translate Mandarin and Cantonese to English. I have done projects outside of Viki before. I would love to help work on mainland China and Hong Kong dramas/ movies.

Let me know if there are any projects I can help on. thanks


I want to help with subtitles…I can sub from english into portuguese!


Hi all. I wish to subtitle from English to Romanian for the kdrama “My Secret Terrius”. I applied already using the official form, on 25th November, but I have not yet received any reply, not sure how that system works. So I’m posting here for visibility.



Chinese (Mandarin) (B1) (Mandarin and Cantonese)

Czech (C1)


fadaouisyrine_874 (Viki profile unknown)




michi_9417 (Viki profile unknown)
willow_06 (Viki profile unknown)

Japanese (from Korean)

Korean (B2-C1)


gabi2001 (Viki profile unknown)


Serbian (B1)

Spanish (B1)

ellen_ev_anderson_82 (Viki profile unknown)

thisisprimrose (Viki profile unknown)

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My name is Dusica, but you can call me Dee. I have just joined Viki Community, so I don’t have any project at the time. I did the sample video. I have native, close to native proficiancy in Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, English and Spanish. Currently, I am voloteering at TEDx as a translator and transcriptionist. If there is anyone in need for a translator in one of these languages, let me know.
Thanks :grinning:


Hi there! I am fluent in both English and Portuguese. I have a degree languages and editorial studies, specializing in Portuguese, Spanish and English. I also have professional experience in video game translation and localization. I really like K-dramas and C-dramas, especially in the historical romance and fantasy genres. I really admire the work of the volunteer translators, and I am ready to help on a project in these languages.

Olá! Sou fluente em inglês e português. Tenho formação em línguas, com especialização em português, espanhol e inglês. Também tenho experiência profissional em tradução e localização de videogames. Gosto de K-dramas e C-dramas, especialmente nos gêneros de romance histórico e fantasia. Admiro muito o trabalho dos tradutores voluntários e estou pronta para ajudar em um projeto nestes idiomas.


My name is Maria and I´m learning how to segment at the moment but it takes time between senseis (I was told so when i finnished the Sandbox and so far that seems to be true) I have started think that I could try do (nead to learn it, have only seen the video here on Viki) subtiteling in my native language Swedish so if there is a nead for English to Swedish I would like to help.
My profile is


Hi, I’m a new contributor. I would like to subtitle to have more experience in subtitling. I would like to subtitle from English to Spanish. Be it Chinese or Korean Doramas, or even movies. Thank you


you should write in which language, so it´s maybe easier to start @lee54 :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m a new contributor from Brazil and I’m fluent in English. I have about 6 years of experience as a volunteer translator, and I’d like to help translate shows or movies to Portuguese so that more people can watch them. Any source language is fine but I prefer Korean since I’m more familiar with it and I like having an idea of what people are saying in the original language. But like I said I’m open to anything so feel free to contact me :blush:

Olá, sou uma nova contribuinte e sou fluente em inglês. Tenho cerca de 6 anos de experiência como tradutora voluntária e gostaria de ajudar a traduzir programas ou filmes para o português para que mais pessoas possam assisti-los. Projetos em qualquer língua são bem vindos, mas eu prefiro projetos coreanos uma vez que tenho mais familiaridade com o idioma e eu gosto de ter uma ideia do que as pessoas estão dizendo no idioma original. Mas como eu disse, qualquer projeto será bem vindo então fique à vontade para entrar em contato :blush:


Hello, I am a new here
I want to subtitle from English to Arabic
Arabic is my native language and English is my second language

I am more interested in k drama

Projects I want to join if I get lucky!:

  • He is psychometric
  • Gaus Electronics
  • Love is for Suckers
  • The Forbidden Marriage

But right now I will be happy to join any project to help and build my experience in the process
Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi, I can sub English/Spanish/Korean, feel free to contact me


Yes, Thank you


Contact @princessahmad