Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Bonjour, je suis la modératrice de Shalen, un anime chinois. Si ça t’intéresse envoie moi un pm :slight_smile:

And why not radio star ^^ I haven’t watched yet but it seems nice :wink:

Hi all!

I’m looking for Chinese to English subbers for White Lies.

And Japanese to English subbers for Saijou no Meii.
This requires an understanding of medical terminology.

Both are modern dramas.

Please PM me if interested ^.^

if you still want to help
these series need help
message Kim_Ji_Yoo http://www.viki.com/tv/302c-easy-fortune-happy-life
message TheNotSoGreatMe
message Yumila
message doramasasiaticos2
message mahoula


I am happy to help out anyone who needs someone who can subtitle Korean to English :smiley:
I will be happy to dedicate my time to translate!
Please contact me if I could be of any use :slight_smile:


ANYONE Subbers and Seggers needed:

ANYONE who wants to help Sub. This channel is in need of subs [Chn - En] : http://www.viki.com/tv/23648c-who-knows-the-female-of-the-women2 Must be a QC to access the videos on this :arrow_up: channel.

ANYONE who wants to help Sub. This channel is in need of subs [Thai - En] : http://www.viki.com/movies/23283c-icu-ghost-of-fine-arts-university

Hi, I want subtitling of English for Portuguese.
Oii, quero ajudar a legendar do inglês-português

I am looking for segmenters subbers and moderators for the tw dram LOVE FOR ALL THE MOMENT

Chi-Eng subbers needed for Second life
People new to subtitling are welcome.
Click here and ask to be put on the team.

Chi-Eng subbers needed for The Invisible Girlfriend
The short film is fully segmented and is only 26 minutes long. The video is mostly hard subbed in English and fully Mandarin. A fluent subber is required to make sure the English hard subs are proper.
People new to subtitling are welcome.
Click here and ask to be put on the team.

i would like to help with english sub to french.

Hey, I’m new here, but I’d love to help with subtitling. I can sub in German,English and Polish.

Salut :smile:

Tu peux aider pour Tasty Road et Shalen mais ils ne sont pas encore licenciés en France donc il va falloir attendre un peu avant de traduire. Envoie-moi un pm si tu veux que je t’ajoute.

I can subtitle from english to portuguese n a really wanna help :relaxed:

Hi guys,
My name is Nabila, it’s my firts time in this group and I would like to colaborate in any project. My main language is Spanish, but I speak English, French and Italian too. If you need help tell me, I’m looking foward to begin. I can be a segmentor or a subber.
Thanks you for your attention.

Hi, would you help me with my channel , here is a very short clip for you to try it, English to Spanish, or French, or Italian.
Thank you

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I can translate Korean to English :smile:

Hello everybody, i can translate English subtitle to french. I’m very motivate and whant really one project to do. Salut tout le monde, je peux traduire les sous-titre en anglais pour en français. Je suis vraiment motivée et veux vraiment un projet a faire.

Bonjour, je cherche des traducteurs pour ce drama : http://www.viki.com/tv/25710c-honey-and-clover
Si tu es intéressée contacte-moi https://www.viki.com/users/kobolt en m’envoyant un message.

Hi. I can translate English subtitles to Indonesian. If you need a subtitler just let me know. :slight_smile: