Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hi everyone! If anyone needs English to German subtitles please let me know and I can help out! Thanks

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@somejuwels, @teufelchen_netty_266, @azrael_tm86v you may want to contact Thalia:


Hello, I am looking for new projects and my timetable allow me a lot of free time so could you please recomand projects ? I can subtitle from English to French. Thank you :blush:

@hawa_diouf Tu peux aller ici voir si l’un des dramas t’intéresse, sinon tu peux regarder dans les dramas à l’antenne s’il y a besoin d’aide : https://discussions.viki.com/t/a-la-recherche-de-volontaires-ou-dun-projet-check-this-out-v/18497


Hello, I can help sub from English to Spanish.

Hello, I would like to sub from English to Portuguese :wink:

If somebody is looking for eng-polish subber I can help :slight_smile:

If anyone needs help I can translate from English to Portuguese

Hi everyone! I will like to help, i can subtitle from English to Romanian. If you need help , please let me know :smile:

hello, i would like to help with the subtitls! I can sub from english to german.

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Hi , i would like to help
I can translate from English to Portuguese :slight_smile:

I sent you a p.m… :slight_smile:

Hi, i can translate from english to french ~ :smile: I have a lot of free time ^^

@umm_jawad Bonjour ! Tu trouveras peut-être ton bonheur ici ^.^ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_j0dyJDbQ7_JVIJX_IZmf6sXiCUH21suhA7ru4fgqY4/edit#gid=0


Hello. I’m interested in joining the team. I can be a timer. ^^ I can time any language to english :slight_smile:
I joined a subbing team before but the website is no longer exist.

Hm… You subbed into English, you say?

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Well, all I’m saying be careful who says here they want to sub. I had a bad experience with a girl who said she knew Korean and English and she made a mess in the translations she made for my video.

The worst part is they change their name and get new profiles once you report them.

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Well, that’s why usually new people are tested on a small part, and someone knowledgeable is called to give an opinion if it’s a language the CM doesn’t know. It’s ok, I also went through this when I started. They gave me a part to do and then accepted me.

This person is asking to be a timer, so I assume she wants to segment, not to subtitle. But there is no dedicated thread for those seeking to segment.

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I need help for medical brothers. https://www.viki.com/tv/29490c-medical-brothers?q=medi
If you are interested in helping send me a message.

My comment is about another person somewhere here in discussion who also wrote that can ‘‘translate’’ (won’t mention the language but is not korean), and I had to get someone else to edit the subtitles bc they were a total mess. The person has the contribution count anyway and nicely edited subtitles in the profile page if we go to this person’s page we will see the edited subs and not the mess the person did.

I believe everyone deserves a chance and I’m the biggest advocate of that. But lately in spanish everyone use a goggle translator and declare themselves the best translators of the language. I myself have to edit hours and hours of this mess, while the contribution count stays in their page.

I like honesty above all and a person doesn’t have to be perfectly proficient in a language to do subtitles. I understand that part. But for someone to get contribution count for terribly done subs that have to be edited completely (80% of the subtitles) I think is so, so unfair.

I love helping out, explaining what they did wrong, and giving them links so they can improve, but it goes --’‘on one ear and out the other’’ sort of speak. That’s when I get upset bc it affects the quality of work in the drama, movie or documentary I work in.

I have to add that I no longer report them, I just remove them from my project. Very nicely, I explain and provide in a PM all the lines of mistakes they made episode after episode. I usually give two chances (2 episodes) on the third one, they are out. If they are really bad, I won’t wait too long either. Is not worth it.
I rather do the subtitles than try to fix a mess that most of the time has no hope whatsoever.

The same goes when I do subtitles in Spanish, if the English translation is poor I excuse myself from the project bc I know my subtitles in Spanish no matter how hard I try, will sound like cr*p. QUALITY has always been my priority, not perfection but some level of decency in my subtitles for the viewers.If I can’t fix it i know is not worth staying there.

This is a message from a moderator where is obvious the subbers were using some form of translator and were giving terrible subtitles

  1. Si usan un traductor mínimo lean lo que ponen, muchas veces no tiene sentido.
    2)Si dos personas se tratan de usted, no pueden cambiar el trato en otro segmento al ser las mismas personas que hablan

1)"If you use translators the least you can do read what you’re putting, many times it makes no sense.
2) if two people are formal you can’t change to informal in the next segment.’’

I remember a comment in Spanish where the girl added: What kind of spanish is this, that I can’t understand? It turns out a Portuguese person was doing Spanish subtitles. That was a real mess.lol