Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi, thank you for wanting to be part of Rviki’s volunteers. It will help if you can add the link to your page so those interest in your language skill can contact you directly. I added you in my new topic bc I feel this page needs to be updated and messages from as far as 2013.14/15 and 16 and half of 2017 should be deleted so we can see the new message like yours faster.


I have some projects that need a kor-eng translator. Send me a message to talk about this.

Grazie infinite per le utilissime informazioni!
A quanto pare mi ero persa qualche passaggio.
Grazie ancora e dato il ritardo nella mia risposta…buon anno :slight_smile:

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Hello, I would like to help. I can translate from Chinese to English/German or simply from English to German. Feel free to contact me!


Please don’t forget to add the link to your profile page is the fastest way to communicate with you.

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Hi :slight_smile: I’d like to help with subtitles, I can sub from English to Polish

contact me here: https://www.viki.com/users/dhyana_x/overview

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@ dianapiepiorka_375
Do what melina did put the link to your profile page so they can contact you directly.

@angelight313_168 thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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Your welcome and good Luck to both, and thanks for joining and being part of this wonderful site.

Hi, I would like to help, I can subtitle from English to Portuguese ^-^

Hello, I can translate from English to German. I really want to help :blush:
But I’m really new to this so be prepared


Portuguese subber here, available!

Hello, I can subtitle from English to Italian. I’d really like to help ^^.

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Hello everyone, if you need a portuguese translator or a Portuguese Moderator, can I help you.

These are my…

Current projects:

  • [K-Show] LEGENDARY: Making of a K-Pop Star (Portuguese moderator - I need people to translate eng - port)
  • [C-Drama] I am not an elite (Portuguese moderator)
  • [C-Drama] Across the ocean to see you (Portuguese moderator - I need people to translate eng - port)
  • [C-Drama] The Seven Faced Man (Portuguese moderator)
  • [C-Drama] The Perfect Couple (Portuguese moderator - I need people to translate eng - port)
  • [C-Drama] Wine Beauty (Portuguese moderator - I need people to translate eng - port)
  • [T-Drama] My Boy (eng-port translator)
  • [T-Drama] Pround Lions (eng-port translator)
  • [T-Drama] 700 years old trip (eng-port translator)
  • [K-Drama] Hwayugi (eng-port translator)
  • [K-Drama] Band of Sisters (eng-port translator)
  • [K-Drama] Money Flower (eng-port translator)
  • [K-Drama] Smashing on Your Back (eng-port translator)

Completed Projects:

  • [C-Drama] The Fox’s Summer (eng-port translator)
  • [C-Drama] Mom, I love you (eng-port translator)
  • [C-Drama] Sparrow (eng-port translator)
  • [K-Drama] Witch’s Court (eng-port translator)
  • [K-Drama] Chief Kim (eng-port translator)
  • [K-Drama] Strong Woman From Bong-Soon (eng-port translator)
  • [T-Drama] The Masked Lover (eng-port translator)


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You have 13 ongoing projects of which 6 as a moderator and you want to take more? And I see that at least 5 of the 13 projects are on air. Some of them have just started and some are really long. And there are another two in your near future you didn’t mention as they haven’t started yet.

When I’m looking for collaborators, I go to their profile pages to make sure they are not burdened by many so that they can devote the proper care to mine. It’s not only a matter of time. You have to memorize the storyline of each drama, the names of characters and how they are written, the frequent words, remember the flashbacks to make sure they are the same in all instances. If you are a moderator you have to go back and streamline the OST (because the English versions are sometimes wildly different) and of course be present, whether on Google spreadsheets or in private messages, keep an eye on the subbers and answer their questions.
Maybe you are a genius and you are able to do all these things for 13 dramas at a time. If this is the case, I take off my hat to you. (I know I cannot).
We all have some old projects which we advance slowly-slowly. But more than two on-air are hard to handle - that is, if one wants to do the job properly.
This is of course only my opinion. You are free to disagree.


i want to subtitle.
i can subtitle English but also Albanian

Hi everyone! ^^
I would like to subtitle from English to Hungarian. I really would like to help.(^^)
Please free to contact me:


@kdopfer01_431, Kathrin, I sent you an email 4 days ago, did you see it? :slight_smile:

Hi there! If anyone needs a Spanish-Eng or Eng-Spanish subber please let me know! :slight_smile: