Wanting to be recruited for an English or Korean, subber or moderator

I really want to be able to Sub or be a moderator for these two languages.
Korean and English were my first languages and I need something to do in my free time.
If you need help, just hit me up. I know French too, but I’m honestly not really wanting to do anything for French, but I will if I’m needed.


I truly recommend to you to read these page with very important information “how to”, guide lines and more
This is particular helpful since your profile shows that you are a new contributor.
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

PS As a new contributor you might not have access to on air shows and if you have no Viki Pass that might be another hindrance.


and mostly this one, please try to find in future an existing topic (in the search box) as not to clutter this forum with same or very similar topics.
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Alright, I appreciate it. I don’t watch the shows as much as I used to, so I saw no point in a Viki Pass, but I’ve been really needing something to do in my free time. From school, and everything else, I would not mind doing something with the additional two languages I know.

You can help caption in Korean, to get your 3000 contributions and be QC. This will help you get more variety.
Here is a post with dramas which don’t need Viki pass. Some of them may be captioned, the majority not.
This one too, Love Rain.


감사합니다. Merci. Thank you.


Do you know how to use the editor and the formatting of subtitles?

and here about guidelines for subtitling etc…

Since you are new, it would be helpful to start within a team. As a new contributor you cannot be a Moderator. But you can try the Korean caption as irmar said.

I’m currently on a team, just started today. How long must I wait in order to become a Moderator? Just out of curiosity.

You need to have written at least 3,000 subtitles in the language you want to become a moderator in. Those 3,000 contributions will also make you a QC, which entitles you to get “QC benefits” (Viki Pass for volunteers so access to more shows). However, if you want to become a moderator of another language, you need to write 3,000 subs in that language. Until you’ve done that, CMs won’t be able to add you as a moderator for that language.

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That makes so much sense. I’ll get 3000 done and let a Cm know if I wish to become a moderator.

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It’s also wise to start with co-moderating, meaning an experienced Moderator will guide you when you start moderating… It feels as if you are very much rushing… there is lots of things to learn for a newbie.


Very true. Thank you for your input.