Watch Party NEW! - THURSDAY - Oct. 8, 1PM Eastern Time!



I have something at 1 pm on Thursday but I could do - 3:30 pm
Would that work for maybe like 4 episodes and then finish on Sunday???


That works for me.


That works for me too


Ok @porkypine90_261
Can you do 3:30 tomorrow!???
We can do about 4 eps before Sunday!


3:30 Thursday? Ok.

We can do more that 4 Eps. They are only a half hour each.


Let’s see how everyone does! And then we can finish on Sunday at 1 pm
that work


Sounds good to me!



(have you guys ever seen this little boys rant it is the cutest thing on the planet)

Anyway - I have a hair trim at 1 pm and I should be back by 3:30 - If I am a couple min late just hang in or you guys can start it up and I’ll jump in



:smirk: They learn from their parents. Momma is gonna have LOTS of problems with this kid when he gets older.


Just putting a light spin out there - he is a smart one -


Sure done why not ?!


Ohhh kk just come asap


what timezone is this?


Eastern Standard time my time will be 3:30

That is like 12:30 am for you isn’t it???


Kdramagirl is on Eastern time so these are the equivalent US times. We’ve given up on syncing international times. The time zones are just too different and don’t work for most people.

The United States has 6 time zones. These are the hours, Come if you can.

3:30 Eastern
2:30 Central
1:30 Mountain
12:30 Pacific
11:30 Alaskan
10:30 Hawaii



It is 12:30 pm my time now! See you guys in a few!!! I should be checking in about 3:15

Get your snacks ready

I can’t wait to see our Hottie and his cute CAT


Sorry guys can’t attend this watch party, as I have hospital work. You guys can continue, I would try to join if possible.

Just tell me the episodes you guys completed, so that I can catch up !


Ok! Oh darn - But you’re the coolest - Be Well and Safe! :purple_heart:



Eps 13 Right??? I was just re-watching the ones we watched to try and make sure where to start.


Yes, start at ep. 13.