Watch Party NEW! - THURSDAY - Oct. 8, 1PM Eastern Time!





I’m getting it set up and then I’ll fast forward to #13
Grabbing my SNACKS



I’m here. Just waiting for the link. I need something to eat but don’t have time to cook now. Ah! I know! I have some dolmathes I froze! I’ll heat those up!


Link is above - I think I have to wait until you guys are in to start playing


I’ll be there in a few.


Ok @perspective_of_life We ended on Eps 16 if you want to catch up - REALLY GOOD

Sunday at 1 pm Eastern to finish from Eps 17 to 22


So this Sunday we will watch until the END.

Everyone still good with 1 pm EASTERN -

I have heard the ENDING kind of STINKS so Let US ALL BE PREPARED!



Well it stinks to hear that the ending stinks. Maybe watching it with other people will help me deal with it. LOL I am still good for 1 pm EST.


I think it is fun to watch these quirky ones together because they have so much more fun things happening - We need to find another Quirky one for the next Watch Party! :purple_heart:


I was thinking the food one I just finished would have been fun to watch with other people. It was quirky and fun, and had really short episodes.


Oh yea! We could do that one! Does it have a HOTTIE!??


That’s a matter of opinion, I suppose. LOL ML is maybe not what I would classify as a hottie, but he has his own charm. SML is maybe more in the cutie category. FL was seriously adorable, similar in a way to the FL in Dali Temple.



Tomorrow We Conclude Watching Dali Temple at 1 pm Eastern - Come and Join Us
We are a riot when we get to talking!!! hahahahahaha!

Tomorrow 1 pm EASTERN


Watch parties are so much fun! Now I find myself wishing I was doing a watch party almost every time I’m watching something.


I know it is like having you guys sitting in my living room with me watching a show! :smile:


I thought we were going to watch Well Intended Love with our favorite hottie of the moment… Xu Kai Cheng?


Can we watch 2 without watching #1???


Yes, they are independent of each other. Both are good cult classics. It’s a silly show and some parts are so funny! Makes your sides and face hurt! I actually bought both seasons and added it to my collection so I can watch them when their licenses expire.

My personal collection has:

Eternal Love
My girlfriend is a gumiho
Kang Chi
The King Eternal Monarch
Fight My Way
Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Kill Me Heal Me
Well Intended Love 1 & 2

I can’t find SIFENG! :sob: Love and Redemption!


I’m ok with doing Well Intended Love 2 after this one!