Watch Party NEW! - THURSDAY - Oct. 8, 1PM Eastern Time!


Ok I’m gonna try this and see what happens!!! Our HOTTIE is looking EXTRA HOT :fire:

Everyone got SNACKS!


Here is the link to the “Hottie Watchers”

Give me a second I am putting taquitos in the oven



I just finished gobbling down THE most delicious stir fry ever!

2 handfuls of assorted, dried stir fry mushrooms. Put them in water to re-hydrate.
1 tbs diced ginger
1/2 onion chopped
giant tbl garlic - diced
Bamboo shoots
water chestnuts
assorted veggies

heaping TBL of
dried chili flakes
Soy Sauce
Oyster sauce
hoisin sauce
Gochujang - 2 TBL

chicken, shrimp, pork or whatever protein you want

sesame oil

Heat the wok. add onion, garlic, ginger and cook, then add chicken, soy sauce, pepper to taste. Cook till chicken is almost done.

Add all the veggies and cook till almost done, Add the sauces and stir up. cover and heat for a bit.

You can adjust the sauces. I did add more to mine. My measurement are heaping and oveflow anyway. :smirk::laughing:



We are waiting a few minutes for you


Where Are You!??? Jump in whenever we are starting Eps 8


Sorry missed it, I had urgent surgery oncoming on me.


What? Are you in the hospital? Are you ok?

And you haven’t missed it. We’re binge watching several episodes, drop in



We are going to watch our last episode Eps 12 in a few minutes! Then conclude the WATCHPARTY for now!



Someone let us know who wants to host the next one and when so we can get moving on completing Dali Temple then we can watch Unintended Love with the Same HOTTIE

As long as you do a whole show watch party you can hit the button to go to the next episode instead of just one at a time.


WELL INTENDED LOVE. lol Is was definitely not UNintended.

Ok. Same time next Sunday, Sept 5th? or sooner? I am retired so my schedule is open. Everyone else is younger so you still have working hours to get around.


So we ended on Eps 12 -

We have about 10 more episodes to go we could break that up into two more Watch Parties! I’m open to next week sometime and maybe Sunday also

What say you guys! 1 pm seems to be a good time for us!


That was super fun I didn’t want to end! I am keeping up with reading and commenting too so that’s good


Se tthe day and time. I’ll be there


I had to do Surgery, TA patient was there


You’re a surgeon??


Kewl! We know who to call next time someone gets injured here.


What days and times are best for you??? Can you do a weekday.?

I was thinking of doing like Thursday and getting 4 Eps in and then we can finish the other 6 on Sunday at 1 pm.??? Thoughts???



Yepp, cardiothoracic surgeon.


lol where do you live then ?


My schedule is fairly open and flexible.


That’s fine with me.

Probably hundreds of miles away from you. :slightly_smiling_face: I am from San Francisco but I’ve been lost in the sagebrush sea for 20+ years. I am in Idaho.