Watch Party NEW! - THURSDAY - Oct. 8, 1PM Eastern Time!


I always feel like I’m missing out on the inside joke or something, because I didn’t particularly care for Well Intended Love season 1. Haven’t watched season 2 because of that.


The show appeals to my love of silliness and the absurd. Boss Ling is so funny when he is jealous! Like I said, It’s cult classic material. It is bad and so good at the same time. Bonus is Xu Kai Cheng! :sunglasses: Oh. Yea. He is one fine looking man. :sunglasses:


Maybe I need to re-watch it. I don’t mind silly and absurd (I’m watching one like that right now, actually), but I just remember having an overwhelming sense of being angry for some reason, so when I read people saying it was so funny, I’m bewildered. Maybe I was having a bad day. :woman_shrugging:t4::sweat_smile:


You know we can MAKE it funny! Cuz - we say absurd things


No objections there! WHAT A MAN! :blush:

See You Guys Tomorrow for the end of our STOIC - but Squishy - Dali Temple


That’s because the premise was she had leukemia and it was actually a trick. She did not have it. Boss Ling just wanted a reason to be around her. so the manipulation is what ticked you off. I didn’t like that part either but I just ignored it after a while. It was just the plot to get them together. It was outrageous. But season 2 doesn’t have that trick. The weibo-verse must have complained so the writer’s changed the plot for season 2. )

I’ve always wished they’d do a historical version of this show. Just for the outfits. :sunglasses:


Oh, yes. Thank you for the reminder. So maybe I would enjoy season 2 much more.


I was also very very angry with Season 1 but for some reason, I watched Season 2. I think S2 is a hit or miss. I remember liking S2 more than S1 because at least he doesn’t trick her, but then we find out that he WOULD have done it, if other things hadn’t happened. Just the knowledge that he would’ve done it made me kinda mad. And because I was watching S2 right after S1, I kept wondering how much of his love was real and things like that. So those bitter feelings sort of spoiled the entire experience for me, to the point that I have almost no memory of S2 except that I know he would’ve manipulated her medical reports again. But again, that’s my opinion, because I don’t like watching forceful guys. He’s the type to continuously pursue by overbearing, not doing it subtly, which I personally find very annoying.


Just wanted to ask: how does a watch party work? What do you do there?


A Watch Party is scheduled by clicking on the popcorn icon on the Channel Page of the show you want to watch. You can share the link with anyone who has a Viki account. On the scheduled time, you can start your watch party from the episode of your choice and all the people you invited can join. The video plays simultaneously on everyone’s devices and there’s a live chat you can use to communicate!
Here’s official info:


It is like we are watching the show in our living room together - we make comments and enjoy our own snacks and keep each other company! Very easy to start one or join one! Come Join us even if you don’t know what is going on - we have so much fun! Or join us for the next one!



What are you guys up to today? Was 1 pm best or could we move it to 2:30 maybe???


I am ready for 1PM eastern or 11 Am My time. Which is in about a half hour.


yepp 1PM sounds great


1PM is great


Ok I’m here - I was having some technical issues but hopefully they are resolved! See you guys in a few minutes and I will set up the LINK



I am here!


Ok I’m putting some stuff away and getting a smoothie - be here in a min

Are we on Eps 17???


Yes, starting at 17.


okk let me grab a snack too