Watch Party NEW! - THURSDAY - Oct. 8, 1PM Eastern Time!


Oh! Time got away from me! I better get some goodies! You guys start and I’ll hop on!


Who will start the party ?


Give us a few more min!

I’ll get the link one sec and post here


Guys join fast



Seriously that was the worst ending ever! I am so MAD - Why do they do that?

The highlight of your day


We are on a Xu Kai Cheng Hottie binge fest -
Next Watch party is Well Intended Love.- Season 2.

THURSDAY - Sept 16, 2021 @ 1PM eastern time

11 PM Mumbai Time - Vivi, Perspective_of_life
5 PM GMT - zyxw, ?
1 PM Eastern Time - Kdramagirl, Sweetiebird, ?
12 PM Central Time - ?
11 AM Mountain Time - porky
10 Am Pacific Time - happy place





Drama Pearls

I AM SO looking forward to seeing OUR HOTTIE AGAIN!


OMO I just remembered my Wen Li!! Omo I really really loved his secretary now I’m excited for the re-watch too! :joy::sweat_smile:


Can you come on Thursday for a little while Cinderella??? :bouquet:


I think I can… let’s see!


Yarn Memes



I just loved Boss Ling. :rofl: He was so wrong in so many ways… Good thing he was harmless and cute. :innocent:


Snacks READY -
See you Tomorrow!


Oh, thanks for the reminder or I would have forgotten.


SNACKS!!! See you guys at 1 pm EASTERN


11AM!~ Sets alarm so I don’t space the time.

Oh! Who’s running the show this time? Me or you?

[envisioned- all of us waiting for the mystery host to START THE EPISODE!] - NOT realizing that there is no host!]


I will do whatever you want to do???


Ok I’ll start it and post the link here.

Laterz! Time for dinner! (been busy today)


So if you do the popcorn by the whole show - you don’t have to do Eps by Eps


Ah! good to know! Thanks!

I really need to find food I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday… Laterz!