Watch Party NEW! - THURSDAY - Oct. 8, 1PM Eastern Time!



@porkypine90_261 is running the show

See you guys in a little while





I’m ready and waiting!


I have some oreos - raspberry cheesecake gelato - pretzels - and some green chile jerky - I’m ready!
Hottie Here We Come!
Did your alarm forget to go off??? hahahahaha!


Oh sheesh! Time went fast! I’ll get it going now!



We ARE starting!!!


Boss Ling says: Come join us.


OOOOOH HOTTIE!!! I like him


Did you guys watch season 1? It was really good! I barely started season 2 and got sidetracked so I guess I’ll have to get with it. :wink:


S2 is better than S1! You’re in for a treat if you liked S1!


I think the majority of us have seen season 1 but not everyone.


Viki doesn’t have season 1 So we can’t do a watch party o that one


Oh no, I’m late :frowning: How much did you watch already?


Jump in We’ll catch you up


5 pm EASTERN starting back after a BREAK!

I have not watched Season 1 but this is so CUTE


He is so FINE



Ok BOSS LING says dinner is ready!

The next question is… What’s on his menu?

Today’s menu - Stir fry chicken and mushrooms

We will resume at 5 PM eastern time! Give the slow cooks time to cook and eat.

or is it 4 pm? lol time zones and daylight savings time is such a pain.


Bummer. I must have watched it on NF then. And they don’t have season 2 yet that I am aware of.


Season 2 is on Ntflx. It doesn’t have a separate home page, you just go to the page for season 1 and there is a drop down menu to get to season 2.


Are we back yet?

5 minute break back at 4 PM MOUntain time
6 PM Eastern time



He is the SWEETEST!

drama pearls

Blue Suit