Watch Party NEW! - THURSDAY - Oct. 8, 1PM Eastern Time!


Ok, This Sunday WE ARE RE-WAtching ep 7 just because IT WAS HILARIOUS!

For our Seasons 1…

Oh! For NF you need to install this chrome extension. It only works on laptops and desktops.

How it works - [/spoiler]


Observation about Xu Kai Cheng - He is a GREAT actor. He was so different in Dali Temple as the stoic historical character and now as Boss Ling he is fun and animated. And he does comedy VERY well. I like him ALOT -


I just love this picture. :sunglasses: :rofl: Too funny. Can’t hide from Boss Ling. He says, "Found you."


OK, I found the Hottie Posse Watch Party Karaoke Bar Fried Chicken Joint and Coffee Bar. I find the most fascinating things on Viki when I’m up early with a bout of insomnia.

I may not be able to participate in a lot of watch parties, but it’s always good to know what is trending among the Hottie Spotters . . .



Xu Kai Cheng is supposed to star in a new Tencent Series ‘A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College’. Shooting should start next September. Broadcast period: 2021

Found this on Twitter - Looks like we have a new series with our GUY!


Is it a Sci-Fi time travel show? Interesting. Next Sept is 2022 but the broadcast is in 2021?

Just kidding! :rofl: I’ve heard of that one. I’ll look it up. :sunglasses:

Oh! It broadcasts Sept 22, 2021 on Youku at 6 AM mountain time.

Put in a request for it to show here on Viki!


Drama Panda

Are we still up for tomorrow and more HILARIOUS - Boss Ling?


I don’t know how much time I can commit this time, but I’m in for at least a couple eps.


We are definitely re-watching EP 7 and that ending! I hope I can see it this time. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t see - my sides hurt. :rofl: :joy:


They are so DARN Funny!


I was literally crying! :rofl:


I could not see! :laughing::joy:


Oh this one is so cute! His hair is standing straight up! :rofl:


2 hours - See you guys for that FUNNY REWATCH of Eps 7!
See you soon!

Maybe we can do 4 episodes then 4 more next week??


The countdown is 1 1/2 hours…


Ok 6 min and counting -


Ok Folks!Here’s the link for today!

Are you ready?


Ready for some laughs!



I would really like to join, because I enjoyed the first watch party, but I’m not going to, because I haven’t seen the first 6 episodes yet and I really want to see those first before watching episode 7. Maybe some other time.

I have seen the first season of ‘Well Intended Love’, but haven’t seen the second seaon. (The second season of Well Intended Love isn’t on NF in my country. I know what you mean with the drop-down menu, but this isn’t available for this show.), The show is on my ‘want to watch list’, so I’m happy I can watch it on Viki.

Firstly, I’ll just enjoy to continue watching “I’m a Pet At Dali Temple”. Does anyone know the progress of the English team for this show?


I’ll go look! The English team has completed EP 22 - Released to other languages. But there are subs already


Me and @my_happy_place are shipping this couple “Hairstyle (all cleaned up) and Babydoll”


A Virtual Voyage

We will resume Well Intended Love to finish it on Thursday, Sept 23rd at 2pm EST