We refuse to work for abusive Channel Managers! 😡



My request is already displayed as a report made one year ago XD


The main one I’ve been talking about date back to September the 10th.
So @vikicommunity, time is almost up.

They better be ready to remove my account, Cause I swear I’m going public.


@vikicommunity Any viki staff member out there?

Can you guys please check @justine_desmoulins’s messages? I think considerable time has passed and we all need a proper reply on the matter. :face_with_monocle:

Also it has been over a year and @zyxw still has no reply for a ticket she submitted :pensive:

It is a lack of respect and professionalism to not reply a message sent directly to you. And vikiers submit tickets with the hope of finding a solution to their problems.

This is seriously not looking well on your part.:grimacing:


i’ve actually had two reports “handled” (Don’t know if anything was done though)

The first one dating back to September 22, 2021. But thankfully the abuser wasn’t subtitling on Viki anymore. (Her latest contributions were 7 months ago). Account still existing.

The second one is related to said abuser but isn’t the main report. This one dates back to May 28, 2022. Nothing appears to have been done…

If a member of @vikicommunity ever comes around here, I’d like report #1493640 who was merged as
#1530160 but behold the wrong title to be solved. This one dates back to September 10, 2021. This is the main one, the main issue I’ve been raising all this time. Then, you might take a look at other reports, such as:

#1503572 from October 09, 2021
#1516008 from November 13, 2021
#1517004 from November 15, 2021

I’ll leave other reports on hold for now as they’re either regarding people who disappeared from Viki or only 3 months old,


And respond to the above (and below):persevere:

Also, to the following…:expressionless:

TIA :seedling:


Come on @vikicommunity
Especially, if a Gold QC vikier reports something (multiple times), it definitely must be considered important to pay attention to the matter and give a proper solution asap. September is around the corner and they even have to wait much longer for their reports to be taken care of.

I can’t imagine how tired they must be very after all the waiting…


I am new to the volunteer side of Viki, but I have taken note of this thread and others like it, and I can understand the frustration. The fact that this thread has been around for a month and no one from Viki has even bothered to drop by and make a simple statement to at least let you know they have taken note of the complaints speaks volumes on its own. You all must feel like you are shouting at the top of your lungs into an empty void. That would make anyone feel disheartened and helpless. Of course, you’d start to feel as if you were shoved into the basement and forgotten about - out of sight, out of mind. I know I did the one time I sent a technical ticket as a viewer and got no response other than a link that was in no way related to my issue and having my ticket closed, but not until after about 8 months.


I’m starting to wonder, how this reporting/request thing works and if it’s not bugged…

My request… is shown as solved… however…

" We received a report from you on September, reporting a Polish user for " plsdontbanme “, with the following message:”
…my message…
“I am reaching out today as we want to find out more information about the report. It will be great if you could share more information and/or context, along with screenshots, if possible, so we can look into this matter, since the username or link of the user you reported was not included in your report.”

I mean I reported first, then after that I added evidence as screenshots, they have clearly seen both, as they know the show this person is a moderator on and they added my message.

So like… what is going on??? Does even reporting people regular way (from profile) work, if they don’t know the username?

I mean I can also try to find new proof, just tell me, what in particular is needed.

This message is from 11 August, they waited like a week, send a reminder and closed my request??? While attaching “I look forward to your reply!” to their message???

I just don’t understand.
It’s true, that I didn’t respond right away, but I was waiting for an answer for a YEAR. I’m not checking my request daily or even weekly now, it’s more of a monthly thing XD 10 days vs ~340 days, pls T.T

Maybe there are more people responding to messeges? So that’s why one was waiting for a reply and another closed the topic?

No, it’s not solved at all T.T Whywhywhywhywhywhy


You can reopen the issue.

Open the original request and then under it find a blue link called “Create follow-up”.


I’ve done it, but it creates like a new request, which is a follow up


that didn’t work for a while… just got a generic email response… I did create a topic in the ask community "Topic whatever and please check my open ticket #… " because I noticed that the responses are somewhat more noticed by staff… and the strange thing is, they resolved my issue but without any response that they did… so I closed the ticket myself after.


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