What about the rest of the teams (mods, subbers) with the new CM system?

Sorry if this is already answered, but since I’m really NOT interested in becoming a CM, I really don’t want to navigate all those posts about the subject.

What does this change mean about the rest of the volunteers? Up until now, the fan channel was up usually a long time before the premiere (and the license), and/ or the CMs sent their messages/ newsletters to inform us about the new channels, so we had the info and enough time to contact the CM and offer our services. It’s impossible to refresh regularly ALL the dramas to find out on our own. I get the feeling that things will move much faster now and, unless we “catch” the CM when they’re appointed, all positions will close in a jiffy.

I really, really don’t want to have to use the project finder, unless they revamp the whole thing and make it useful (and I’m pretty sure this won’t happen).

That’s also true now. Many channels of the ones viki just created are for shows to premiere in July and later.

Enough time? Hmmmpf… Only if you want to be a subber. By the time the newsletter came, in most popular languages the moderator position was already taken. The only way was to haunt popular CMs, see which channels they had asked for and write a p.m. asking for the position in case they got the channel. Sometimes you had to write to many CMs, and even then, even if you wrote to three of them and all three had agreed to give you the position, the channel might go to a fourth one.

This situation hasn’t changed much with the new system. When the CM is chosen, s/he will probably send a group message just like before.

P.S.: Sometimes being the CM is the only way to get a moderator position.

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When I get a channel I plan to recruit the same way as I always do. The only difference is I might have to do it faster.


Oh, I thought the channels would be created closer to actual dates now. I guess Italian is much more popular, because for Greek it’s easier (as far as I’ve seen).

I didn’t know that about the CM, it explains things. So, basically, nothing will change for us simple mortals, nice.

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I still don’t know what I will do with the applications in the comment sections. Not that I will ignore those but I figured quite a few might have posted them on various channels and who knows by the time a channel is assigned to a CM who knows how many there are. So then you have a bunch of PM’s and a comment section to check.

Maybe I just ask everyone who has posted in the comment sections to also PM me or something when I get a channel.


I always PM, I don’t use the comments section, I think it’s easier to keep track.

I have used the comments for some “applications” as a moderator, but someone pointed out, that this may leed to problems, if the future CM chooses someone else, because everyone can see that. Which is a good argument to refrain myself in future. :slight_smile: Of course I will not depend on those “applications” only, but I’ll send a message to the future CM as well. When I wrote those “applications”, I didn’t intend to put me in the first line, I just wanted to show my interest.

And I cannot guess, if the new system is an advantage or disadvantage for the hopeful moderators. Sorry, I don’t know if the competition is tough for segmenters as well. Before, you had to hunt for channels and ask the CMs. And than you had to hope, that this CM would be lucky and get the channel. Like a roulette game. Now, you have to lie in waiting, when the new CM is up. I think, an important factor is the time, when Viki will put the new CM up. If this will be at a time of day, when Europe is sleeping (in my case)… okay, I will prepare myself for dire straites. :sweat:

And for the future CMs it will be a hard time as well, I’m afraid, that as soon as the CM is up, he/she will be flooded by application messages from the future team.


I didn’t include the segmenters because I’m not ready yet to be part of an on-air drama, so it didn’t occur to me, but I guess it will work the same way. I realize that, mine being one of the least popular languages, I don’t have many of the problems that other teams have, so I guess time will be an ever more important factor for some.

Maybe I’m slow because it’s Saturday, but why would this be a problem?

Justmy2cents, but I think, some CM may feel pressured to choose this moderator, while moderators may feel disappointed, if everyone can see, that they wasn’t choosen. People may speculate, why the first in the row wasn’t choosen. I don’t want to let people feel uncomfortable :slight_smile:

Some CMs may ignore those applications, some may consider them, but want a personal message, too. Others may add the first one to the team. So many ifs and buts and what ifs :wink:


That’s why I suggested that people who applied for Channels go public and write it here. So that we know and we can send p.m. s to all of them ahead of time and they can have an idea of who is willing and available. But so far almost nobody has come out except me and declared that they have applied for this and that channel.
I do hope they wait a little before replying to requests and don’t only rely on who was the first to ask.


You mean, if all applications are available publicly, it is expected mods and subbers to be selected in a “first-come, first-served” basis?

I suspect drama and I’m happy I sub in a less popular language…

But what is the difference between posting in the comments or posting in one thread here? Channel managers will have their own way to choose their team. Maybe they won’t read neither the comments nor the threads here?

And after some reflections I fear, that people may misunderstand the list in your threads. They may think, that this is a list the channel manager should respect. And this would give them false hopes. What will happen, if the future channel manager will choose a complete different team? Won’t people be disappointed and complain?


Yes, thats my worry. People may think, they should be choosen, just because they are the first one in the row. Which could lead to misunderstandings.


Well, I can’t explain why with words, but I don’t find it nice that the general viewers who go to the channel page see it. Of course they can also see it here in Discussions, but how many general viewers bother to come here? A tiny tiny minority. Here it is mainly for us volunteers.
Plus, all these requests can be nicely organized in one request, without the CM having to scroll through all the unrelated comments on the channel page. I do update the list on the initial post every time a new person writes.
Yes, they may not even read them. My initial hope was that the CMs who applied would put their names in the thread, so that we would all know to write p.m.s to them in a timely manner. But they didn’t. Maybe because of pride, they don’t want people to know that they haven’t been accepted. It’s human and understandable, although their stepping up would make our lives easier.

I have, actually, written a caveat on those lines, but I will go back make it even clearer.

I can’t explain properly but I don’t feel too comfortable to post all channels I applied for in the open. It’s stupid I know but I don’t want to look greedy or anything and I don’t want my inbox floated already so I have to make a list of who applied for a position on which channel and then I might not even get any.

But… even with the old system, people would look at your Projects page and see which ones you applied for. The little picture with “Manager” near it. If you clicked on it it took you to a fan page, but visible only to you. If the rest of us clicked on the picture and it showed the dog error page, it meant you asked for it but didn’t get it yet. And then we wrote to you saying “In case you get it, can I please moderate?” and so on. Same for all other CMs.
We all have a list of CMs pages which we haunt and check their project page regularly, to see which projects they have asked for, in order to ask. This method has been there since forever. Don’t tell me you didn’t know?!!

Really?! All that work?! I don’t know about others, but I didn’t know.

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@irmar I know. It happened to me a few times that within 5 minutes after I submitted a channel someone already PMed me.

Well as I said it’s a bit hard to explain.

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For the “popular” languages. The moment a channel is announced, the Italian, Spanish, French and German moderators were already in place.
It took me six months of this kind of effort to get Italian moderation of a project, and almost another six months for the next one. Because of course you cannot stalk everyone every day. It takes a lot of time. And even if you ask five people, and all five say yes, maybe the channel will go to the sixth one you hadn’t asked.
As you say, Greek is much easier to get. But for Greek you have another problem, not enough good subbers (actually, not enough subbers period). So…


I think the new system shouldn’t have any impact on the way people apply for positions. It’s too bad people can’t wait for a CM to be chosen and apply like before via PM. By the way, does that mean that people who have applied in the comments section (or in the Discussions) will not send a PM to the CM?

Viki said that in 2 weeks, a CM will be chosen so if all goes as planned, we know when this will happen. The channels have been created on 22nd May 2017 (if I’m not mistaken) so we will know the CM’s name on 5th June 2017.