What are ya'll watching


I loved it. It was indeed scary, too scary for the PG-13 label in my opinion, but I like horror anyway.

Yes, it’s great. It is a horror movie, so be prepared. I can’t give any spoilers, but the movie has a good message.


ok I will start it today, well its a movie, so won’t take long, thanks for that anyway, he is one of my fave actors too


He looked so familiar, but I wasn’t sure how I knew him … Then it turned out he had played in the first K-drama I ever saw: What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?.

Yes, it’s a movie. About 2 hours and 9 minutes.


heal me, kill me and that historical one, loved both! oh yeah, she was pretty liked his acting.


I was looking for a change in my drama diet and normally this means a law, doctor or office related drama.
Since I have watched pretty much all doctor series from Korea I set my eyes on China this time, …
I found this

All the while I was watching this actor, I liked his play a lot, very balanced with fine nuances. I liked the drama too.
But the start was a bit choppy, so often I had to pause because the subtitle timing for me didn’t seem to be smooth. So it took a bit longer to get into the story, but it’s a good one and either I missed out on some information at the start, or on the very end they let us know, that it is based on a true story. I can’t tell where fiction starts or if it is almost accurate, but storyline had a good pace. Should I say that this drama probably is more appealing to us older folks, I can’t tell if young people will be attracted to a storyline like this portraying people in their 30’s (main cast).

And I pondered over that face I just knew I saw him before, since I am not watching too many Chinese dramas the list is short.
And I found him

And I marked one of his other projects for me to watch


Hi @lutra, May I ask you for your top recommendations for medical K-dramas? I’ve watched a few popular ones (Good Doctor, Yong Pal, Romantic Dr. Kim, and others) but wish to delve further into the serious medical K-dramas. What’s not to be missed? Thanks much! :smiley_cat:


I loved Guns laugh! and y’know his last dramas, “tell me what you saw” I don’t recall his laughter!!

the surgeons , its been a while since I have seen that one, It was a good one, new heart, brain too if you are looking for something different that is, oh ic I get this right, twilight hour, those few hours that’s vital in the medical field, another one it been awhile, lawyer? suspicious partner, lawless lawyer
I will have to look up that drama now,


I can’t find GUNS; Is it here or on NTFX?


Sorry, I am getting in between, thanks for the laughter. Mary has already written a lot the past days about GUN, she means the character of Korean version Fated to Love You play by Jang Hyuk.


no not Gun! fated to love you!!! but Gun thats in that drama, he played in “tell me what you saw” and it is here on viki, again I don’t think he laughed, see I didn’t explain it! sorry!

thanks Lutra! again I messed up in the explanation, ya cleaned up my mess!
now for you.

1 guardian
2the gang doctor(this is called something else if I recall)
3heart surgeon
5kings doctor
6doctor detective
7doctor prisoner
8doctor john
9medical top team
10golden time, the title of my above message, this was so good
11 dr romantic 1&2
12 good doctor
13 my lawyer mr joe 1&2
14 suspicious partner
perfect partner
and theres more



Me too, and his interaction with MiL, unfortunately no longer in Europe.



I figured that bc I noticed that today when I was searching here.

I was going to ask her that again but she added the ‘‘S’’ today; so I thought I was writing the title wrong. Thanks for clearing that out.

I usually get what @mary writes but this one ‘‘got/caught me off guard.’’


aaaawwwww I am sorry!! I hope I did clear it up!!



Well @lutra cleared that for me now.

By the way, I don’t like ‘‘GUN’’ acting at all, and avoid every single drama he makes, and that’s why I didn’t like the Korean ‘‘Fated to love you’’ version. I hate his exaggerated laughter, attitude and acting in general. I find him unattractive. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a good actor it’s just we have different taste in actors/actress.


ok, ok, sorry, I thought you did like him, and didn’t know about not being in Europe


Quirky, even if it starts with a back-set for the female lead. She has to stop work at her former place and ends up as an orthopedic physician at an athlete sports center. There is this one guy, who just doesn’t stop to hit on her. She brushes him off again and again, since he is younger and doesn’t have anything else to offer, than his athletic, youthful body … No, this won’t get where you think it might it is nothing like Secret Love Affair, but at one point it is the same, to follow your dream, to hang in when life doesn’t deliver the things you wanted.

Dr. Gang is not a doctor at all, he earns this name because he “treats” people, who are not really eager to get treated, that is not that he uses medical knowledge but rather how he is holding them down, so the real Doc can handle them. He was a gang member without any soft attitude, but in school he met this one girl, that saved him from the bullies (I hope my memories do not fail me). Yes, a bit and with a look on the other people’s relationships, a lot of fate in this one, but I didn’t mind. And I understand others as well who might find it lacking, dragging, … I found a guilty pleasure here, just couldn’t stop myself from watching.

Mysterious, so if you can let go of reality then it surely can be an enjoyable ride. Dr. John’s knowledge seem to know no end, it’s the perfection everyone is looking to achieve, but how come this guy ended up in jail. Many, many questions there to answer …

If you like the “bickering couple” (a bit like K-movie Mars and Venus, if you ever happen to watch it), then this is your thing. They loved each other but started to change for the other to make a living until they hurt each other with the meanest words they had for another to the point of no return and their marriage was over. So these two meet again, when he joins a hospital as new doctor as well as she does, having studied medicine in the time since they divorced. They clash but try to hide their past to their fellow co-workers, just that they can’t get past the fact to worry and help the other one and keep their family members out of sight. After all you can summon it down to, where there is smoke there is a fire. It has the medical aspect, but for sure the relationship and personal growth of the lead couple is the main theme.

Fantastic is exactly what it is called, “fantastic” like in a fairy tale, you wouldn’t expect such a story to happen in real life. But it still makes you believe that the world could be a better place if people were just a little bit kinder to the people around them. It has a big portion of love and respect, so even it is a hard topic, with cancer it was nice watch, but ahhh, did I need tissues.

I enjoyed but thought it would be different. I thought it would be most about the hospital, it was in one way, but it still had the main female lead her family problems in it as well. Non than less the ER is most of the time the place where medical dramas happen, if you are looking for a drama that made this in a smoother way, you might want to try Romantic Doctor, because Golden Time sometimes was a roller coaster cushioning.

I found Heart Surgeons pretty intriguing. But I am also guilty for wanting to see Go Soo in a drama once more, in fact he was the first leading man in my first K-drama Green Rose. Let’s get back to the topic, Heart Surgeons is a lot about daily decisions in a hospital, responsibility, corruption and abuse of authority. It’s almost more like a medical crime drama. Liked it a lot because it didn’t lose its path of medical drama all that much, there was a family issue too, but … I am not here to tell it all …

I really do not recall that much about this drama. Maybe because I needed 2-3 tries to finally watch it. I think even it was a medical drama it was more a human drama. Correct me if I am wrong on that, well it has Ji Sung, so some are already good with that aspect.

I know that some are sensitive, if there is a cheating husband and for some it might be crucial that the one involved is the heroine of the drama. But this is not the main theme of the drama since she is leaving him, as he is a no good, but it is simply the bridge we have to cross to get into this drama. She is in a huge dilemma, but doesn’t miss out on interested men. There are some conflicts in the hospital and some diagnoses, so it has drama but has medical cases to offer as well, so probably more the serious type, than your usual rom-com in hospital stuff.

Probably one of my first medical dramas of Korea. So it is kind of special, I like how focused the female lead was on her career, when compared to other dramas, you would always have the damsel in distress. I won’t say that there isn’t a time when she crumbles but most of the time she is holding up. She has a medical issue herself, so it endangers her own career, might be old, but one could give it a try.

This is not only about the medical view but it is a social one, the drama is already a bit older, but I remember it favorably, even it has some scenes of violence I wish it would have not, but I guess it was just easier and took less time to use “pictures speak louder than words”. Anyway there are several aspects coming together about doctors causing pain and a decision that is hurting in this case a child. As an HIV+ she experiences all kind of harsh treatment when the cat is out the bag, but her mom loves and encourages her, she is strict to her as well. And I like that this drama picks up on clarification. It’s also about how much pressure people can handle and how they still try to function or sometimes just run away from their pain, but getting caught up again, when it comes to help and to rescue and to find a new way in life.

Did you get to see the follow up

If you liked the first season it is easy to say that this season didn’t disappoint, at least not me, I had fun watching.
If you haven’t watched the 1st season, this is a medical drama that is about the stimulus to get into medical work. The way you handle your profession and how you take care of those lives dependent on a doctor’s skill.

These are pretty much all medical dramas I have watched and are stil on Viki, could be I forgot Brain.
If you want to know anything about any drama ask away, just do so.

EDIT: @sheishun I will add some more info about the dramas - one by one - I am not having to much time today, but I hope to complete it in a day’s time. Of course there will be romance here and there and interaction, I will leave this mostly out, since you were asking about serious medical dramas. 2nd EDIT still short of some hope I can still write a bit about them later.


@lutra Wow! Thank you for the incredible selection of Medical K-drama on Viki, I especially love your anecdotes and observations! :heart_eyes_cat:

I never realized that Cain and Abel was on Viki, so excited to delve in, it’s the top of my list now, thanks for the heads-up! Awhile back I started D-Day, but had to stop as my heart ached too much. I will brave it again with your recommendation. I will also add Golden Time to my list, love Lee Sun Gyun💕 I started Heart Surgeons last week, it’s intense and amazing!

I’ve seen Doctors, Emergency Couple, Fantastic and Romantic Dr. Kim 1. I will definitely watch Romantic Dr. Kim 2 when it’s available to me next year!

I especially love older dramas, sadly your other great recommendations (OBGYN Doctors, Surgeon Bong Dal Hee, Thank You, etc) are restricted or Viki Plus :cry: Thank you so much for your detailed descriptions, hopefully one day I can watch them! Yes, I will love the serious medical dramas, especially when the medical terms and procedures are noted and described while being performed or mentioned. I’ve seen this too with Psychology K-drama, where the malady is named and a brief description given. This element really adds to the story I think.

Thank you again for giving me so many recommendations, I’m sure other Vikians will be glad to know about Medical K-drama, too. :smiley_cat::two_hearts:


I watched one medical drama on Viki and I just can’t remember the title! So frustrating, haha.
It was A K-drama, but there was a Chinese doctor in it (or maybe even more than one), so they spoke a lot of Chinese as well. And some French too.
Does it ring a bell?

Oh, and I can’t see it in my history, cause I think I watched it before I had an account.


No? LOL What languages someone spoke doesn’t stay in my memory, sorry.
Chinese doctor as being Chinese or practicing TCM?

The only TCM doctor that came into my mind was in Greatest Love, can’t be him, right?

Other stuff like clothing style, age, family, other people in the drama?


Funny enough, in this case, that’s almost the only thing I remember.

He was from China. Come to think of it I think the female lead was Chinese too, or at least had some roots there. They also went to Shanghai at some point. Or wait, no, maybe she was not Chinese, but he was her ex (and now colleague) and therefore she could speak Chinese.

It doesn’t seem like it. But can’t test it, cause it’s restricted here.

Clothing style … white doctors coats? :thinking::joy:

I must have watched it somewhere in 2018 or 2019 …

I think the woman had reddish hair. The Chinese doctor was a bit arrogant.