What are you reading?


Sooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I’m saving this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




I have got to finish what I started a couple of weeks ago


I’m at that point in my life where I realized buying books and reading books are two different hobbies. :nerd_face:


Amen to that!



The reason why I feel this is happening to you, and the so many readers of the world, it’s simply because they need to learn these few tricks. In College, I took a course that required a lot of reading, but of course, we first we had to ‘‘pick’’ a book we liked, and write at least 3 paragraphs describing what we read, and we had to do it giving as much as detailed as possible without going over 200 words!

The difficult part in all this was finding a book we MUST/ HAD TO read in a short period of time, and find enough words to say about it, so that the Professor found it interesting enough, and that way he would give us at least a decent grade.

The professor was kind enough to give us this few tips: PICKING the RIGHT BOOK to read.

Read the Introduction part first, then read the first 3 pages from the beginning, then go to the middle of the book and read 3 pages, and if you are BRAVE enough, read the 3 last page of the ending. He added: if after doing ALL that, you feel no ‘‘anxiety’’ to know about what you are reading from that book: Then, that’s not the book for you to read.’’ PICK another one until you find the one for you.’’ (quote/unquote).

Now, I have to add to calculate what was in the middle part, he also gave us this hint. Check how many pages there are from chapter 1 to ending chapter, and DIVIDE the pages, so we had an idea ‘‘where was the middle at’’

I do this with every book I want to buy so I don’t waste money on buying books that will collect dust or end up in the garbage because I lost all interest in reading after a few pages. unless your case is something else, I do hope this info is useful for you or anyone who wants to follow this simple tips, but so rewarding in any way because we don’t lose money or hoard books.


IKR my mom’s favorie hobby is buying millions of books and then hoping she’ll get around to reading them someday… there are books stuffed everywhere and this is just my collection of absolute most favorite literature tht i cant ever live without(my parents have one cupboard-full each - just decoration at this point lol)… the rest are probably somewhere under the bed :joy:


Omg, I have the Narnia collection too! (diff. edition though) I loved the movies but haven’t read the books yet. Your collection is really cute. I like that they’re on the shelf. I like looking at ppls bookshelves.

In my case, it’s just I’ve grown distant from reading but I still buy the ones I’m interested in. I usually buy my favorite authors and the genres I normally read. I don’t really buy random books. My last job was so stressful, it took away the comfort I had in reading. My mind was distracted and I couldn’t finish what I started.

I use to buy brand new first print books when I first started building my collection. I liked the feel of new books because they were mine first. Then, a few years ago I started buying books from thrift stores. It’s much cheaper and I can re-donate if I didn’t like it. This works for me. I only buy brand new when it’s a book I know I’ll like for sure.

I’ve also been slowly weeding my collection and donating books I didn’t enjoy much.


Narnia was always a little scary to me lol… my brother loves fantasy but i was either terrified or just weirded out :joy: The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe is the only one in the series i read more than one time.

I’ll just be proud of my Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::joy:


I was so fascinated with the movies. The animation was beautiful considering these were done years ago. I am a huge fan of time traveling so Narnia was amazing to me. I had been on the lookout for the completed book set and was super excited when I found it in mint condition. I have the 1994 edition. It’s one of my prized possessions.

I don’t have any Sherlock Holmes but I was tempted to buy them whenever I come across them. I have a weakness for old classic titles. I just want them in my collection. Something about old books in their original edition makes me feel excited. :star_struck:

I have books on shelves and some in a plastic container. I picked up a new love (kpop albums) so I have to go half and half with displaying them. lol


so y’all you collect books, let them gather dust, then later, some family member comes up and says to you why do you hoard the books( or the other like yarn & fabric) so they state, you need to get rid of them!! oh my goodness! yes this happened to me just last week,

I really don’t want to get rid of stuff, be it psychological or whatever! I do plan to read or use .the threat was they will come in and get rid of things I don’t need,

my books are a get away thing, the yarn is my happy place, and the material solice. yeah I got a kindle, even Google, got a gazillion books, but I like the physical ones, how do you dog ear them???

wow that was a mouthfull, sorry!! I do love to read, be it sci fi, mysteries, who done its, even cozy mysteries, historical, and all.




I like that. :grin:


So cool!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I have started reading , the sea people again.


another one is the preachers first murder, read the fires 3 and really good story, and this is a series. also on Kendle


look into google books, if you want to read, theres a gazillion there for you most are free!


I recently finished the bookthief, now i am reading Wonder, it was a suggestion by @vivi_1485


the title sounds interesting …the book thief