What do you think about the new channel page?

How do I see the number of followers for a drama?

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it looks really pretty tho :heart_eyes:
haven’t got it yet

Hmm … So the Dutch are emotionally unexpressive, yet confrontational? I think I’d argue with that … Either way there are also regional differences within the country.
It’s interesting though that Sweden is in the same part as Korea and Japan. Would that mean Finland belongs there too? :thinking:

It’s not written anymore. Let’s suggest to have it back.
Viewers sometimes need this info to decide to watch or no, after reading reviews.


Good evening all,

as some may know, I like working on cover pages designs, and although I’m liking your new channel design, cover pages will probably tend to disappear, as they’re super duper long, and don’t quite fit with everything you’ve worked on.

What I’m suggesting is, (if we can’t put pages on a new tab: because that’s obviously the best idea), instead of having a long vertical editor to create pages, having a horizontal one which would match your design better and not force everyone to go all the way down.

The grey rectangle would represent a coverpage on a drama.


What do you think?


I think that a better idea - instead of putting it in its own tab which nobody would click - would be to split the cover page into two. The part about the drama and the characters belongs to the main page (no problem if one has to scroll a bit, at any rates mobile phones like vertical things better than horizontal ones)
and the part about the team belongs to the team page.
And - my personal opinion - let’s get rid of the completely useless “thank you cards”.

The New Page Design appeared a few days ago. (computer, chrome)

It’s great to be able to see all team members. I think by separating items underneath different headers, the page looks more calm, which I like. (I do agree with piranna that the font is a bit large and the first time it appeared I felt like I had to move a bit further away from the screen because of it. I also tried zooming the page.).

A few things I’ve noticed:

  • The header ‘About’ sometimes disappears. -> After refreshing the page it reappears.

  • If you’re looking at the page showing episodes or team members and refresh the page -> it doesn’t just refresh the current page, it opens the ‘About’ page.

  • The old page showed the percentages for two languages (when looking at the list of episodes). I could see the percentages in Dutch, and if there weren’t Dutch translations yet, then it showed the percentages in English. Now, it seems to only show the English subtitles. I haven’t figured out how to see the percentages of the Dutch subtitles yet. Does anyone know how to show the numbers for another language?
    I do see a language picker at the bottom of the page, but Dutch isn’t in the list to be chosen.

  • Also I’d rather use my keyboard than clicking or scrolling. Does anyone know if it is possible to use a shortkey, or going to be a shortkey to tab between the headers?

  • The original language in the show or the country where it originated from doesn’t always show anymore.

I also got a new layout for the channel page, we can see it’s an improvment but one thing we lost in the new layout, in the reviews and comments section, we can’t no more choose the language of the comments we want. Exemple in the past layout, if you speak spanish you could choose to see all the spanish comments only and now you still can see all the comments and reviews but you can’t choose the language you want.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get back to the old layout ? I didn’t find any article or in the forum, speaking about that. Thanks.

Last week I got this new design, too. But I could switch back, fortunately. But today I got it back and I can’t switch back anymore.

First, I can’t follow a fan channel, there’s no bell to click on. I can only follow licensed shows.

Second, I can’t apply for the CM position for a fan channel anymore. I can only apply, if this drama is licensed for my region. I got curious, because someone mentioned, that we have to fill out a form, so I clicked on a fan channel, but can’t apply. On the one hand I can understand, that Viki only wants applications from those, who have access to the drama. But on the other hand, the licenses come often very late, so because you can’t follow a fan channel anymore, you have to watch the Coming Soon section closely, welcome to those crazy rat races for any team position. Especially for those regions, where people are asleep, while Viki adds a show to the Coming Soon section. Usually you can apply for the CM position a long time before the drama gets the license. So Viki prohibits this now.

Third, I miss the coverpages on the main page and I want to see the episodes and not all those clips and previews on the main page.


Have you tried to clear cache? People on the old version can continue to ask for CM positions on fan channels, but not people on the new version.

Yes, I cleared cache, logged out and in, changed my language from German to English and back, but I’m still stuck on the new design and I can’t apply. Actually I don’t want to apply right now, I just tried it out, because I got curious about the form. :slight_smile:

And now I can’t even take a look on the fan channels, everytime I try I get an error message “sorry, something went wrong”.


I guess the new channel page has been officially released to everyone.

Is it just me or only episode videos are viewable?
I can’t see any trailers or clips for any channel.
By the way, I am using Android smartphone.

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The clips and trailers are in the main page, below the synopsis. But true with android smartphone I can’t see them using chrome.

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(Idk whether the disappearance of the first tab is normal or no on mobile phone.)

On mobile version of the website you can’t see them. If you click on computer version on mobile phone, you have them on first tab.

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With the new page I can’t see in the list of episode if the episode that I want is with french subtitle or not, anybody has an answer ?

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Sadly, you cannot, or at least the same goes for me. Even when my language is set to Chinese and all episodes are 100% completed in Chinese subtitles, it only shows the language as English on the big episode page making it significantly harder to see how many of the episodes are completed whereas in the old page I could sometimes see it. You have to actually go into the episode itself to see the percentage done which is slightly annoying. I, too, want to know if this is a problem others are facing.

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So for all langages is the same ? there are no solution ? It’s strange because for the trailer, I see if there are french subtitle, why it’snot the same for the episode ?

I can see eps in French.

Maybe try to go at the bottom of the website “select your language” and put French or try to pick an episode A to put it in French subtitles and then go in the list of episodes in the video player of the episode A?

Which drama and ep is it?
If you see previous ep indicate “fr” and the next one is “en,” then it’s not ready yet and is under review.

How do I add to following on this page?

Pretty, but way less useful than the old interface.

No history anymore. No following either?

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Following = click on the bell icon :bell:
New fan channels don’t have bells according to Somejewels.

History on the main page of Viki when you log in.
If you go on the main page of the drama: there’s a blue button with the last ep you watched “Ep …”. You can click from here to continue watching where you were left.

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