What do you think about the new channel page?


The CM can’t send messages to the fans since the new inbox arrived. So actually, this question is not topical.



It’s because I’m not a CM on many channels and haven’t asked anymore, contrary to some others.

Not “out of topic” when someone doesn’t know, only so if one does label it as such.

Thanks for your politeness.


The bell icon :bell: puts “only” (with a :heavy_check_mark: ) the drama on your Watch List, I don’t see a following a channel sign.
To me that’t a different thing/task, I don’t need a drama or movie I like or want to be notified about in my watch list… the watch list is not working well anyway, because whenever you access the editor through an episode it adds the episode into your Watch List!


Ooh I see!
I will just wait for Viki to put a guide or popping windows for viewers and us at the same time :joy:


you can also add the channel to any of your collection from the pull down menu next to the
Watch List box on the channel page.

And I discovered that you can remove the :heavy_check_mark: from the
Watch List box with a click on the box

So it seems the “jitter” on the bell stays which could be the “Follow the channel” sign…:grin:



The bell icon and the “+Watch List” are 2 different thingies?
Bell icon =follow
Watch list = dramas in future watch list?


when you click on the bell, it automatically adds the channel to your Watch List (with a :heavy_check_mark:) as I said earlier, you can remove the :heavy_check_mark: with unchecking… I’m not sure why Viki designed it so, it could be a mishap…

The :bell: is is likely to follow a channel, it shows a jitter around it when clicking on it
The Watch List is a list of shows you want to watch whenever…

Je vais dormir, bon dodo ma chere :wave:


Danke schön! Gute nacht! :ok_hand:



It is strange. I can’t watch any teasers or clips for any channel either old or new channel. I am using smartphone while on Viki for the time being. I hope it’s not only me :grimacing::zipper_mouth_face:

To watch a clip or teaser in a channel, I need to click on the profile of a segnenter and click on the video clip they just segmented. That’s how I can reach a new short video. It is really tiring :sleeping::frowning:

This is what I see:


The site is building up quite slowly on my smartphone.
Besides, I had a lot of problems watching my show yesterday.
Maybe it is somehow connected?



I had to go to destkop site mode on my smartphone and I could finally see those clips and teasers :smile_cat: At last. Thank you @piranna
That’s how it looks like in a laptop. Sorry I have been using Viki from my smartphone during all the covid-19 situation.


No se si este es el lugar correcto pero NO ME GUSTA LA VERSION NUEVA, los motivos son que no puedo comentar al equipo de traductores y dar mi opinión, los puntos y comentarios del dorama no son tan claros para buscar, he intentado varias veces y no puedo canbiarme a la vieja versión, como puedo solucionarlo?? gracias a quien me lea y me de res´puesta


Why the possibility to filter reviews in your language been removed? it doesn’t make sense … I can understand reading a little in English, but it’s hard to view 10, 20 or more pages of reviews in languages you don’t understand. Before starting to watch a drama I always read the reviews in my language to get an idea. Even writing a review in your language is no longer needed, because your compatriots will never read it. The community feeling of your nation has also been totally nullified. I really hope for a change to this terrible aspect. :frowning:


Hola, pienso que no puede mas cambiar de versión, pero puede dar usted opinión o ustedes propuestas en la encuesta “enviar comentarios” sobre el nuevo diseño cuando está en el sitio.

Los puntos y comentarios están en la pestaña final “reseñas y comentarios”.


Aaaaah, I could bite right into my laptop. I was just about to make a collection …
Then there it was that new page right then and there.

So what is it, you can look at your collection but neither add anything nor delete anything …

Bad start for me and the new page.

The next step the very first drama I volunteered at was available to me since 2010 and now this it hurts:

  1. no license any more
  2. no broadcast data at the main page other than the year, if we were able to search for a drama by year again that would be great, so it is just …
  3. It’s nice that it seems more cast members are shown
  4. As much as I like that reviews are now on the far right, please put the comments first and the reviews after, now people will just flood the reviews and think of them being comments. Those who want to read or write comments will find the right place.
  5. I never made a secret about it, I have trouble with having a darker background and light colored font.

It really - and I am usually try to balance my words - pisses (oops, I am reminded that this word could be considered offensive, :wink: I had no idea, but yes I am offended) me off that the topic of license ending is just hidden somewhere in the corner and nobody at Viki is addressing it any longer. If I were a costumer and sudden end of license would keep me from watching a drama, I wouldn’t be happy either. I am still unhappy even I am not a costumer.

End of first “impression” who cut onions

PS: Edit
I just clicked on give feedback and it said if you want to go back to the old version - I got excited (I shouldn’t have, my bad) clicked on it and nothing - it reloaded - and there is the new one - I reloaded - and surprise it is the sticky new one - PLEASE - @jeslynl - if the option of not going back to the old style is no longer available change the text in the pop up, thanks. I could need some chocolate, but haven’t eaten it for months so no stock left other than my mom’s - I won’t touch it.


i would like to see in how many days the drama/ movie comes… sometime you are stressed and miss this…


Yes, what I miss on the main channel page the airing date, it’s not always an on air drama as we know.

Might not be interesting for all, but I am a drama junkie in that case, so about a drama shot after January 2020 I would think differently in many cases, than one of last year.

How many episodes will there probably be.

I would like to know directly how many hours of drama there are, if it is too long I might push it back and would not need to look further into the next tab.

When uploading starts.

Of course one would like to know when it all begins.


Yes dates and counters please. Kdrama Alice started airing today and I wasn’t able to find it on the channel page. But there is also no indication if it will be up within a few hours or whether Viki has a different uploading schedule. Not handy at all as it is my segging project and I have better things to do then checking the channel all the time.

  1. I like that it’s easier to see everyone on the team including the subtitlers. Now I can message them directly to encourage those working on my favorite airing shows!
  2. I like the ease of knowing which of my fan collections already contain that particular show. Sometimes, I used to go to add a show to the collection, then found I already added it LOL. I have some super long fan collections!
  3. I never was able to read only English reviews as the Arabic, Portuguese, French and Spanish subs also appeared, no matter how many times I chose “English Only Reviews.” So this is no major change for me.
  4. On computer, the scrolling past the long recruiting cover page really bothered me so I much prefer to click and view only what I want to view.
  5. With the old show page, I still had to explain to new people how to follow a show. Thank you to all who explained how to follow a show on the new show page. I wish they would keep the old symbols for following, as this is confusing for regular viewers let alone new viewers! I experimented following a new show, and it added to my watch list instead, then it followed but wouldn’t unfollow until I unfollowed on my profile. Too messy and chaotic!
  6. I scroll through the mountain of comments to find how many episodes the airing drama will have. It would be a nice feature if we could know the number of episodes beforehand. I don’t believe in harassing subbers so I wait until a show is half done to watch it. Rarely, I just can’t wait and will view it with at least four episodes subbed.


Episode 1 is “today available” and not yet playing without subs, while it’s already there and the seggers are working on it. I checked the Team Discussion, it’s possible via one of the clips as long as you’re part of the team.