What do you think about the new channel page?


Yes I know I was notified for segging at 1AM. Turned out the ep was late, hopefully it won’t be that late tomorrow


I’ve only figured out how to ‘follow’ a Coming Soon project.
From Viki’s home page where the ‘Coming Soon’ (licensed) projects are listed.
Click on the vertial dots and it toggles the ‘Following’ feature.

I have yet to discover a method for following a fan/unlicensed channel.

Just want to say ‘cheers’ to all the wonderful volunteers. Hope things get worked out soon. Thanks for all you do.


The updates this past year are getting worst and worst. I regretted (annually) renewing my vikipass after the video player update, and now it’s the channel page. Is Viki under new management recently or something? Who is deciding all this now after the previous few years of being fine?


I like that too, but I do not like that an unlicensed show can’t be added into a collection. I often want to watch a drama that has no license so eventually I chose a drama and put it in a collection of dramas out of my reach and sometimes I will look if there is a change in license, but that option is no longer possible.
Actually I found ONE channel that I could add into my collection

but that might be because this drama was already at Viki some time ago. (To give you an impression of how bad dark background with light fonts work for me - I saw that bell sign - but the first thing my mind was asking me - Why is a Christmas tree on the main page - Oh, it’s not, it’s a bell my bad. ) I would love to see this option on every channel. I see that I can follow coming soon channels because @aznative made me aware of it.
But I can’t add it to a collection of my choice. I followed a movie that will be uploaded in 3 days … Will there be a reminder, or anything alike? Maybe it will be like in the past I get no info, that’s why I have a collection “Try, try, try again” it’s not often I can take a channel off that collection, but

It’s almost impossible to find older fan channels, well if one followed them in the past, let’s better say had them in a collection it is easy otherwise impossible to find a certain drama, because it might no longer be listed. Only fresh fan channels can be followed like you mentioned, but not be added in a collection.

Didn’t work for me in the past either, there isn’t even a button to choose a language from now.


Here’s a great collection of fan channels that I follow from Chloe:


I think that viki writes “segmenter” into french like that “Ségmenteur” on the new design, and in french academy dictionnary, it’s “segmenter” like in english ( Can you do something for that, please @mariliam ?

Design is great. But there is a problem with “apply as CM” function, you cannot apply from the project finder for channels that are not yet licensed…

Ah, and I don’t like comments and reviews to be in one place. Maybe we should delete the comments section?

Team covers are well hidden too.


I tried to look through all messages, but there were a lot. Not sure if anyone mentioned to add shows that aren’t available to watch for “your country” in the watch list. I was not able to see where to add it on the new page. Anyone?


Look for comment 101 and 105, but it is not as easy as before.


Hi everyone :raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀
Sorry to notice just this recently. I’ve been using Viki on my phone mainly due to certain circumstances.

But, I now understand why Page designers are not that happy about their artwork which is invested in the page designs they create, to have been moved to The THIRD TAB in the new launched channel page :angry::triumph:

Why does it have to be that hidden?
Is it not important to Viki anymore?

Hang in there, Page Designers! I totally understand how you feel. :muscle:


Would you agree with my proposal to split the cover page in two parts, and put the part about the show on the first tab (after the synopsis and actors but BEFORE the stupid clips) and the table with the contributors’ list in the Team tab?


It sounds great to me but will Viki accept for us to get two tabs? :thinking:

It would be a solution. Everyone will be happy :blush:

Page Designers will disappear at this point, if their lovely pages are that hidden. Viki, why didn’t you think about this first? :woman_shrugging:t2:


It’s not only the cover pages, which is bothersome enough. So much space for clips and teasers and all those news from Soompi and other sites, but not for our coverpages. This is so demotivating!

Following a channel is only via detours possible. If I want to follow a channel, I must use my cellphone, open the Viki app and follow the channel. And have to refresh the “Following” page on my pc, so I can follow this channel. Viki, please you can’t possibly be serious?

Concerning new licensed channels, as a moderator I have only access to the new uploaded episodes after the segmenters have finished their work and the episode has a determined percentage of English subtitles. Clips and teasers don’t work for me anymore. If this is intentionally and Viki wants only the segmenters and the English team to have early access, just a hint to the CMs and Chief Editors, please inform us OL moderators about the Team Notes and the progress, because we could possibly have problems with the access.

I cannot apply for unlicensed dramas anymore (as I already mentionned above), but there are some glitches,too. If I can’t apply for drama A, others from my country could apply. And for those dramas I could, my friends can’t. I heard, international moderators have this problem, too. Same country, same drama, but one could apply, others not.

In the Project Finder the newest unlicensed channels are showing up, but if I click on them, I only get an error message. If Viki doesn’t want us to see those channels, please don’t put them up into the Project Finder. It’s so irritating, to see them, but you can’t even take a look on the page and get some information about this drama.

Since it seems, that we only can apply for already licensed channels in the Coming Soon section, Viki, this is sometimes way too short to find this drama, to apply and for the channel manager looking for a team. And for moderators it’s very short to find time to apply. Sometimes a new channel is created on Monday, licensed on Coming Soon on Tuesday and on air just a few days later. Viki, don’t you think, this is giving the new team a hard time?

And the whole page has some problems, too. It’s not me alone, who encountered those problems. If I want to take a look on the episodes, suddenly all episodes vanished, only the blank windows for the episodes are left and they are blinking. This may happen with the team, too. I want to take a look on the team and all subtitlers vanished, only blank round windows for the avatars, no names and the round windows are blinking. This may last half an hour or longer. I heard about this problem from several of my friends.


I was actually about to ask how to follow a channel now that there is a new page. If it’s only possible in this way, it is indeed really bothersome.


Found a Chinese channel, no license in my region but I could watch the trailer.
I thought, hurray, must be a bonus thanks to the new Viki page you can now actually look at the trailers for the show to decide if you will make a request for a license.
I went to a Korean drama, no license … tried the trailer and nothing.
So it must be either only Chinese or only this channel.
I thought Viki finally understood its viewers and won’t let them move around elsewhere to look for trailer or the whole dramas.
Well, it was a very short moment of excitement.


Someone knows how to follow a channel that hasn´t already a CM? There are some channels that I want to follow but can´t see the option, only in channel with CM.


I decided to make a topic hopefully people will find it that way.


:smiley: Thank you very much! :rose:


I have a question. Since there are many reviews that aren’t really reviews, and we are reporting them … Is it possible to add a button to that pop up window after reporting a “fake” review like “Thank you for reporting, you don’t need to show me this message again”?
I was looking through reviews in one channel made it through 25 pages and my hand hurts because it doubles the clicking …
Please, we all know that asking for subs, for lifting restriction, and such are no reviews, so why make it so tedious. It’s not one of the most loved jobs either.


Hello :slight_smile:
How do I say it now best…I also don’t know if it is sooo important now, probably less… But it already annoys me now… Maybe it already has to do with the innovations of translating…
On the smartphone it is not bad, not on the playback side…

But on the new page on the computer, where I finally wanted to find new dramas for me, Unfortunately, it no longer shows how far the translations are…
Only English is displayed [I checked 2 more languages]

If you click on the episode it is of course Is it translated … But I don’t want to click on every episode to find out? Or did I miss something?


I’ve been wondering the same thing.
At first I thought it had something to do with the selected language , but even if for example Deutch is selected, the percentages are still shown for English only.

I’m not sure if it belongs to this topic, but another thing I’ve noticed today is the selection of a font for the subtitles is not clear sometimes . At first I saw this:


Hence, I’ve tried seveal bullets to try what color is behind the bullet (replaying scenes to see the change in the font). Only after returning to the series later (I accidently clicked the editor instead of the subtitle appearance hence the page was refreshed), I could see this appearance. This way makes picking one a lot easier. :slight_smile: