What do you use to eat this? Your hand, a fork, a spoon, a knife, chopsticks, or something else?


:yum::yum::yum: eating off a stick :dango: :yum:
Clip is 4:59
Grilled rice hotdog


ok Peeps, I was eating some Jalapeno cheetos and trying to not type with the two orange fingers and it occurred to me, “Why am I being a barbarian?” So I went and got some chopsticks outta the silverware drawer! I have chopsticks galore! Chinese, Korean Japanese You name it and pretty ones too! No reason to be a barbarian! and Wala! No orange fingers!

And it’s not just me! It’s a thing! Smarter people than me figured it out already :nerd_face: :shushing_face: :sunglasses: I found pictures! :rofl:


Should I tell her I like my corn mush with chili powder, not milk?



She’s gonna take after me with a big stick yelling, “Damn Yank!”

But I am from California! We put chili in our masa! ahahahaha



You’ll start with these, knife, and fork,:fork_and_knife::plate_with_cutlery: but you’ll likely end with using your fingers! :rofl: Chopsticks :chopsticks: are also optional :wink:


A little more details, when to eat


Growing up in the Southern United States, I ate a lot of okra, used to thicken soups, and especially used in jambalaya. Fried okra is yummy.


omg yass i would so eat that with a knife and fork that looks so yummy


also with muffins i like eating that as finger food and fried chickens always be finger food for me


no way ill only eat cheeetos with my hands cause i never has chop sticks in the house lol


I recently discovered British comedian Nigel Ng and his “cultural translator” Uncle Roger. Cousin of @ninjas_with_onions?

This series of videos about fried rice is a little naughty but very funny.

I love “egg fi rice” . . .


Share your cultural eats, and the proper way to eat it!


:stew::chopsticks: The proper way to eat Vietnamese Phở, pronounced Fuh! :stew::chopsticks:


I was recently in our community garden and brought a snack with me, yoghurt with fresh berries, my grandson 4 was also there and wanted eat of that too… hmm I had no spoon or alike… I had plastic cups with me so I cut a form of a spoon from 2 soft plastic cups and we ate it like that, he was all smiling eating it from such “made” spoon, and I obviously giggled at this “adventure” too! :rofl:


I went once to a Vietnamese restaurant and I ate a Pho bowl with beef broth, noodles and veggies, but the beef meat was already there. The dipping of thinly sliced meet reminds me of Fondue Chinoise if anyone knows it… it’s something people also do on New Years Eve or even Christmas like Fondue bourguignon as it allows people sitting at the table without cooking they cook it the hot bouillon or oil placed on the table accompanied with sauces and condiments…

you can set the CC in autotranslate mod in settings…


Omega 3
Just growing in your yard


It’s a weed “purslane”, a succulent I’ve seen in garden centers (not sure if those are a bit different than the original). I had it in my garden and replanted it in my garden bed and used to put it in my salad. If I remember well it has also anticancerous properties:


I understand that, in Korea, November 22 was National Kimchi Day. Has this been a thing for a while? Sounds like fun!