What do you use to eat this? Your hand, a fork, a spoon, a knife, chopsticks, or something else?




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Year, 2018

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My daily food goes as follows:-
Side dishes
Maybe KFC (lol)
Fried Fish
etc etc.
this is ideal but, during emergency:-
Vada Pav
Samosa (*for who doesn’t know)



And what do you use to eat them after they are prepared? :wink::slight_smile:


Spoons for rice and fork for noodles and just hands for vadapav and Samosa !

Typing this makes me feel hungry :yum:


sometimes i even use chopsticks for noodles, but not regularly.


:spoon::bowl_with_spoon::fork_and_knife::chopsticks:A very colorful, eye appealing, and healthy dish. Video length 9:18 :wink:


No,. use chopsticks!


I’ll finish before you with my spoon! :smile::smile:


Yummy dish, but later on she shows the fish tilapia, I’d suggest to use another healthier fish… Tilapia is somewhat questionable in particular where it’s farmed or comes from.
Always read the labels.


Thanks, never knew. . .I had what was said to be tilapia from a chain, corner restaurant, but it certainly didn’t taste right. @porkypine90_261 check simi11’s post above. . .


Yea. I won’t eat tilapia. I bought some very fresh whole tilapia one time and the flesh tasted like dirt and pond scum. It was gross. I won’t buy it again.

For a white-fleshed fish, I prefer cod, red snapper, perch, halibut or, flounder.

Red-flesh fish I like are salmon, steelhead (ocean-going trout), tuna, mahi-mahi, etc.

And then I also eat octopus, squid, clams, oysters, mussels, eel, etc. Basically most seafood.


You won’t be short on what to eat visiting S. Korea :kr:! :grin:


Heck no! I plan to eat my way through the fresh seafood market! I may never make it to the fabric stores!


“Ooh, this is going to be healthy!”




And delicious! :yum:


:yum::fork_and_knife: :yum::spoon::yum: Sweet Chili Tofu
Egg Nog with a little kick!


Finger Food! :yum: