What do you use to eat this? Your hand, a fork, a spoon, a knife, chopsticks, or something else?


Poor piglets :pig::pig_nose::pig: not a bright future up ahead :pleading_face:


Oh come on, it’s fun! :joy::joy: I use the pointy ends to cut the idli into little pieces and then dip it in the sambar :sweat_smile:


Hahhaha that’s what! Hahhahahha


I’d use a spoon, to quickly demolish these dishes, if I ate at home. :joy: Only the porridge is a spoon must, of course, anywhere it’s eaten. :yum:


I really enjoy fried okra.


This looks delicious.


So has any other Southern Girl Brought up the Lovely and Yummy
Country Ham!!! Very salty but ohhhhhh so good!
I like me a good Country Ham Biscuit - no fork or spoon needed



Okra is not to everybody’s taste. I disliked it as a child, but now I love it. (A sentence which could be misunderstood to mean: “I disliked it as a child, but now I love it as a mature adult okra that has a job and a car.”)


AHEM. Virignia ham, of course. Smithfield ham.


Absolutely. I like it, but there is, in part, an emotional attachment to it because it’s something my grandma always made for me, and she did it well. I have never been able to duplicate her results.

There is a funny and famous story in my family about how I would never try asparagus, but my mom cooked it all the time and kept trying to get me to eat it. Eventually I yelled at her that, “I WILL EAT IT WHEN I’M 6!” So, she gave up until my 6th birthday, at which point, true to my word, I gave it a try, and it has been my favorite veggie ever since. :rofl: My tastes have definitely changed over time. I couldn’t believe, when I first tried sautéed mushrooms as a teenager (and fell in love), that I had been missing out on this deliciousness my whole life!


Crab Cakes - Gotta have some Blue Crab - Used to go get LIVE Blue Crab at the beach for Gumbo.

Also - Salmon Patties - with Tomato Gravy - WHAT TOMATO GRAVY!

Southern for the Win


Any strictly plant based eaters out there? Show us your delish eats, and dishes!!


Well, usually I eat with my mouth. I don’t know of any other way to ingest food other than a feeding tube.

ok. I admit… I’m being a smart-@$$. :rofl: These kinds of comments got me sent to the principal’s office all the time. :rofl: :sunglasses: It’s genetic delinquency. :joy::sunglasses:


Funnay!! And do pray tell, what are some of your eats?


This is the kind of comment that my sarcastic sensibilities just love! :rofl:


Yea… The peanut gallery in my head just tosses that stuff out before I can stop them. :smirk: :joy:


Here is a bonus, preparing, cooking, and eating a Bossam Recipe Korean Boiled Pork Belly.


Totally Plant Based Dish :yum:
You can substitute Steamed, or Boiled Cassava instead of boiled plantains :wink::+1:t5:


Edible utensils, straws, and plates



I want to eat my ice cream out of that amazing-looking candy bowl, with a sugar-cookie flavored spoon!