What is an "Editor" on Viki?

I understand that we can collaborate segmenting and translating videos. Also some people design pages for the dramas.
But I can noticed in the pages that teams ask for “editors”, usually from 3 to 4, so what is a editor on viki?
What they do? And, how can I be a editor?
Thank you for your answers.

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On Viki you have a few kinds of editors:

  • Translation editors: After the subbers are done they go over it to correct typo’s etc.
  • Normal editors: Also does check the translation but also checks the timing of the segments and make changes here and there when needed.

We mostly work with more editors because more people see more then one.

So to become an editor you need to be able to see typo’s and other things and in most cases you need to have some knowledge in segging and the spoken language too. You can become an editor just by asking the channel manager or if it’s an other Language then English your Language mod.

Note: For other languages an editor only checks the translations, you are not allowed to change the segments since they are already checked for the English subs.


Actually, translation editors check for incorrect and incomplete translations and correct them. Although they could also fix some typos and such, that’s not their main job. There are very few truly 100% bilingual/fluent Ko-En subbers so there usually are some translation mistakes. So that’s where the translation editors come in.

The general English editors check for typos and grammatical errors and also try to make the sentences flow smoother without changing the meaning. They also try to keep name spellings and other format consistent throughout the drama. Most general English editors do not know Korean well enough to make any translation corrections.


If you go to Ninja Academy, they have a segment training and a subtitle training. Editors fall under subtitlers.
There are 3 types:
—Translation editors: Their purpose is to check the meaning. Make sure that there isn’t a discrepancy in meaning.
—General editors (AKA first editor) These editors look for proper grammar, verb tense, punctuation, spelling and so forth. They also notify the CM or Lang. moderator if they suspect something is wrong with segments or if something seems off in the translations. They do not change translations. They give that info to the translation editors, CM or Lang. Moderator. While a person may not be able to speak the language, using context clues can lead an editor to ask for clarification.
—Final editof (AKA second editor) These editors make things systematic–final touches


Okay thank you very much everyone for their answers.

I think I got it:

There isn’t an official section for Editors. They are common people who ask for the Editor vacant because they know they have the necessary skills to do it.

I asked it because I know that I can do it. Sometimes I noticed lots of subs incorrectly written or as somebody said here, sometimes they write wrong characters names, so I would like to correct that mistakes.

mmm yes and no.
Yes Viki is an open-community BUT there exists a hierarchy. The top is the channel moderator (CM). CM is the person in charge of everything including deciding which positions are needed and who should fill them. So usually a spot is open of the community wall of a show says “recruiting.” Or you have been invited to be one by an editor or language moderator for a particular show.

If you see that there is no “editor” on a show yet you can always ask the channel moderator if you can help out in that way.

IF you want to edit for your language (not English) contact your language moderator on that show. If language moderator doesn’t respond and is inactive for 6 months or more contact CM. If CM has been inactive contact viki helpcenter with screenshots. Viki will put you in charge.

Usually scenario in 1st paragraph happens more than 2nd and 3rd. Depending on who’s on the team they may ask you for samples of your work/audition but each moderator is different ^^

Except for segmenting I believe most teams try to take on newly joined members.


Okay, thank you so mucho sophie :smiley:

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Yes, that is why they follow the very important t-editor. I am so grateful when I edit after a t-editor. Then I know that the translations are correct. It makes editing easier.


Useful thread, bumping :slight_smile:

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