What is the meaning of your username and why did you pick it?


At least it doesn’t sound like a bad word :sweat_smile:. And it’s funny because my hometown is near the North Sea


I honestly thought you were from the state of Odisha, India :joy::sweat_smile:

My username was picked on a whim, because I thought EXO’s Sehun’s dog’s name was funny and the dog is kind of a legend among fans. Also, it’s my grandma’s nickname (her name is Vivian). Didn’t think it would later become my actual name here on Viki (I kinda like it though):joy: I’m really named Andrea, so there goes, mystery solved lol
The 1485 is EXO-L’s birthday (the day the fandom was officially named and recognised by EXO) so yes I’m a huge fan :sweat_smile:


I find it very funny how it sounds first, when he said the name and that his doc is mature, whilst chanyeols is like chan himself xD
i always hoped exotis woulb be the fandm name, but nooooo EXO-L ;_;


I am kdrama2020ali

I started watching Kdrama in July 2020. And my nickname is “Ali” pretty simple! HA!

Although I love t-drama, c-drama, and j-drama also


Honestly, I never even thought usernames could be this meaningful.

I wanted to use my real name, Sky, but there is already someone with this name so I went with twinkling. I like night skies a lot.

Together, my username and real name make “twinkling sky” hehe.


As do I :night_with_stars::sparkles: :smiley_cat:


es mi nombre real que lo uní con mi provincia de residencia que es Córdoba Argentina. :grin:


My aunt use to call me Tweedy Bird when I was little but I’ve given up even trying it as a user name, practically every version you can think of has usually already been taken. I default to SweetyBird and because that’s often taken as well, I added ‘Too’


The comments to this documentary about a Canadian woman’s search to find out the fate of her Japanese pen-pal from 30 years ago had lots of “I’m not crying, you’re crying!” (Which I hate now because it got so over used)
The other was the occasional “those Ninjas are cutting onions again!” as a way to explain the sudden welling up of tears out of nowhere.
So I was trying to be clever with having bad@ss Ninjas in the name and at the same time loosely tie in emotions from watching dramas (checking I’m not dead inside).
A year later having watched lots of these dramas and the ratio of romance/feel good plots vs tragedies/sad scenes, maybe I should have picked something else like Cupids_with_hearteyes.


That’s so funny. I watched that documentary and know exactly what comments you were talking about. Of course that isn’t the only video where they used the expression but I always thought it was a funny one.


Sur mon profil Viki, mon pseudo c’est yamaryokamekazu ^^
c’est les nom de deux chanteurs/acteurs Japonais que j’aime beaucoup :heart_eyes:
yamaryo pour Yamada Ryosuke et kamekazu pour Kamenashi Kazuya

Si j’avais écrit les deux noms en entier, ça aurait été beaucoup trop long … c’est déjà assez long comme sa même avec les surnoms :joie:


foxylady, just a catchy name, frustratedwriter, which I am one, writerscramp, yeah cramps in writing, angelfire7, don’t even know why, Scorpio 1, well date of birth, so I pick & choose the ones I want for different places.


for a “frustrated writer” you really are too sweet…can’t judge the person by the username! :joy::joy:


thank you, and today yeah frustrated


Basically the Viki site picked it for me - 'looks like they borrowed chunks of my name - and basically shoved it at me with a number tacked to the end of it. I don’t like it and want to change it, but I haven’t found a way to do it. Actually I don’t think it’s even possible.

So I guess I’m stuck with a nick I never wanted and still don’t, but I suppose in the long run it doesn’t matter much 'cause it’s anonymous anyway. But still - 'be nice to have the option of editing it.


doesn’t this work for you? or does it change only your main Viki name and not the Discussions one?


Now this is a jazzy topic, genius!

Travel: Where have you Been that you Loved and Where do You WANT to GO! When we Can!

I take it you live in a place that’s always hot :sunny::sun_with_face::sunny:


I too like this topic. (✿^‿^)

The influence of places for choosing a user name. Come to think of it, places are often named for people.


Other things to note is it will change any capital letters to lower case and won’t accept spaces but will accept _