What is the meaning of your username and why did you pick it?


Looks like she had her jaws done, or she’d shed her youthful fat (baby fat). When I first watched her, alongside Joo Sang-Wook, in Kimcheed Radish she had such a cute rounded face.



Time to change to 2021 \(◉‿◉)/ we’re three months in!!


Hmm, maybe I just haven’t nosed around the settings pages enough - if so it’s my fault and face is duly palmed. :crazy_face:

Thanks for the tip, I will give it a try…

Ah, mischief managed! And yeah, my fault.

So a tip for others having this same problem: The profile update functions will not work with some browsers. I generally use either Epic or Superbird, which are stripped-down and de-Orwoogled versions of Chrome. I tried it with Iron - also de-Goggled but with more functions retained - and it worked fine.

So owe everybody at Viki a beer, for the false alarm. :beers:


Wow, you came back to this old thread and read it all?
Well my hometowns name is made from two words Kaiser which means Emperor and is a reference to Emperor Frederick I. (Barbarossa) and the 2nd is Lautern which refers to the stream Lauter running through our city, but back in the days when companies polluted the water, the city decided to hide the water under streets, so you don’t get to see it in town, and back in the days you didn’t get to smell it anymore, well decisions made in the mid 19th century.


:smile::smile: yes I did, and glad I am to find it too, so interesting! :smiley:


Did you write the reason for your username?


Not yet, I’m actually still reading the thread and putting in my two pence :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so to speak. I will tho’! :smile::smile:

@lutra :raising_hand_woman:t5:‍♀ (March 17th)
Check below, I included mines. :smile: I had to hail you up, seen as you may not have known . . .


Like others, I think there’s nothing fancy to my choice of user name. It’s my middle name, and I thought, since no one calls me by it, I’ll let it have it’s day online :smile: of course, it’s such a common name, I had to select numbers to go with it for it to be mines. I chose it some years back, in 2009 probably, when I first got my #twitter account. I added my initials to make it more mine. Since, I’ve dragged it everywhere it’s registerable online as a user name (◕ᴗ◕ ✿)

The name “Lee” means “Dweller by the meadow” this I got from the meaning of names in an encyclopedia back when they were on bookshelves in homes :smile: It also said it’s an English name, meaning. In the west, males are often given “Lee” as a first name. Uhmmm, I guest being the fifth girl in my family, meant they had hoped for a third boy? I never thought of that until right now, interesting! Or maybe the influence from the close knit Jamaican Asians in our community, and families from the 70s!!
We all know “Lee” is very much “Chinese, and Korean” last names, do you know their authentic meaning of the name “Lee” ?


I used my nick name Sofis and put some numbers, Sofis is a beatiful name i really like my name


Lee is also an Anglo-Saxon American last name. i.e. Robert E. Lee

BTW, Lee, Rhee, Yi, Ree, Ri (李) are all the same last name in Korea. Ri (리) is typically used in North Korea, but it’s pronounced more like Yi (이) in South Korea. Chinese usually spell it as Lee or Li.


(。◕‿◕。) Lee, and Li’s interchangeable use, and pronounced the same, I have come across in my readings. It is enlightening to learn of the north :kr:, and south :kr: use. It’s my first time learning about:

Thanks @ajumma2 ! (◕ᴗ◕✿)


I don’t know if Park Shin Hye had any work done :thinking: ,but she has always been so adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:I have watched almost all her dramas.:grin:


Hi :star_struck: , my username is loveurself_melanin which is the same as my instagram username(follow me :hugs:). I made up loveurself which bascally means what it is called , to love your self :blush::laughing:. The other part of my username melanin definition is skin pigment and is the root of what gives color to the skin, hair and eyes.


Oh! Nice! :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: A very positive declaration, ha! I just watched DiannaInKorea’s latest youtube video, and she was teaching her babies positive affirmation about their skin, and hair. Bravo to both you, and their family. Way to go!


OMG same!! I watch them on there YouTube channel too , along with Lily Petals 릴리가족 and MAZELEE.


:grinning: Me too! I watch Lilly Petals too :smile:
Check out my others here, this thread is also fun! :blush:


My user name “Chueen” is because I love Chuu, (she’s a member in the Korean girl group loona-, if you don’t know her) and for me, she’s a queen. So I thought: Why not combine those words with each other? And my username was born. :laughing:


frustrated writer is exactly what it says, I am a frustrated writer, cause I start to write then I lose track of thought


I just wanted to make mine short and easy. That’s why a put “Izii” which is the beginning of my name and it sounds exactly like the word “easy”. I usually joke about saying that my name is “easy” to remember because is “Izii”. I’m not easy tho (Yeah. I got that joke before haha)


It’s always simple for me. I use the same nickname wherever I create an account. :joy:

I took the first letters of each of my names. Dimcea Gheorghe Robert = dimghro. I am a genius. :rofl::rofl::rofl: