What is the meaning of your username and why did you pick it?


Dimghro, mine would be MAW or MAG or even MAS so I like my frustrated writer for now, I may change it eventually, yours is good btw

Or I could use; have genealogy will travel, or image

I’d rather use I seek dead people,
or detective at large r even I am an Atlatian

oh well I tried…:upside_down_face::blush::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So most people on Viki assumed my username meant that I am worthy of romance LOL. I like to watch good romances as that’s my fave genre. If it’s a romance worth watching, I’m there!:cupid:


My username’s not interesting at all, but since you invite I’m going to tell you hehe:
It’s just a short version of my name, my name is Nataly so, I turned into naty and the first letter of my last name “h”.


Oh! Okay! Hey! Check out some of these other fans user name, you might find it fun. :sparkles::wink::ok_hand:t5:


it’s the most simple and ordinary story it’s my first name


But, what about the number?


One can only guess, either she’s 21 or it’s her lucky number or some secret code :rofl:


Right! :smile: It might be anything else though. . .


I chose it at random. It’s not my age, not even half my age :rofl:


I like this theory, a secret code!


Hey! Not even half, you’re not 10 or 11 are you :flushed::pleading_face::astonished::laughing:


No I’m an old lady !


Oh! Dear, what’s old these days :smile:


It’s weird my quote was earlier removed it said this, I’ve never had such thing before… I edited it again to work it.


In France we have departement
Departement 21 is not far from my house.


Whow! What’s happening?!?


Welcome to the Club, you are not alone :blush::+1:
Ah, vous parlez Francais, enchante!


That’s a great news !


it’s strange ! A secret society against old ladies?


Yay! (as they say in Korean) that’s pretty heavy, and a very interesting reason, I’m sure, why that is your number choice. That’s why I like this thread, the ones I’ve read above, are all unique. :blush: