What is the meaning of your username and why did you pick it?




Not where, when? Did you edit yours? Maybe they updated something, hence the question, when?


Oh sorry, mmm probably last april.


Okay, I’ll give it another edit, let’s see if it works :sparkles::wink:
A few minutes later, nope! No change :unamused:


You need help? But wait, did you refresh the page?
If that does not work, try logging off, and shutting down your Viki site, & app opened devices.


Oh I didn’t think about logging out but it’s ok I like my purple flowers better! It changed on the other pages


Yes, every time i change my profile picture when I log out here, and make a comment/ give a heart, the picture will then change here in discussion. You have to log out, make a comment. Try it, I love the butterfly with the roses you have in one of your collection page.


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you saw that did you - I had HUGE zinnias last year and I took lots of butterfly photos!

My expanded wallpaper is a different butterfly I captured last year

@angelight313_168 Thank YOU! I did it


Love it! I’m glad you did.


Thanks for letting me know how to CHANGE it up like you do!!! :purple_heart:


I guess I can see your profile picture here now.
I changed my profile picture thrice but it took a lot of time for those profile pictures to get updated here.
And, only two of those three profile pictures were ever seen on Discussions (because I switched them really soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I don’t think you can use capital letters in the username.


I’m resigned to this truth. I’ll keep a candle of hope :candle:lighted, just in case :slight_smile:


Well… mrswolf because:

wolf is literally my surname but translated from Polish into English and I always find it so cool to have it :star_struck: I really like the way wolves look like and all the quotes connected to them.

mrs is not because I’m married XD I used this username on other platforms when I was younger and wanted to express that I’m a female but didn’t realize back then that it meant a married woman :joy::joy::joy:

Also my English teacher always called me by: Miss Wolf, and I kinda liked it so I think that’s the whole story :blush:


Now that’s unique! What a story to tell your kids. :slight_smile:


you bet, I am young at heart and active… a secret society??


angelight, that impresses me too about you changing your picture , love it!


I don’t think you’re allowed to use uppercase letters… I’ve not seen a single username in all of Viki with an uppercase letter


Well, you can actually use capital letters but I don’t know how to do it. Signsofserendipity has capitals in her name,

There are 2 to 3 more users names like this but hers was the only one I could remember.
There is also a Romanian volunteer whose username does not appear in Activites tab in Subtitle editor or in the chat section rather her real name appears. I don’t know why the glitches in the matrix?

I guess you should have same real name and user name for the capitals to appear or may be not… ?


Adrian is my actual name, so… Yeah… :sweat_smile: