What OST Do YOU OWN/Play Non-Stop/LOVE - Do Any Songs Bring You Back and Make You Cry? 😭


My favorite from Encounter with Park Bo ‘Yummy’.



Love Bo Yummy! I miss him!


Expected to be released from mandatory military service in April, 2022. Hope he stays safe and healthy.


I say prayers for him - he is so tender hearted - I worry about him! I think he joined the Navy - so handsome


I love him so much!

I want to do this for a living!


And this makes me smile so much!


I bought the English version of the poetry book from Encounter that Bo Yummy had!


Don’t think I’ve posted this one yet. From Run On on ntfx. Have I mentioned how much I love that drama? It has a really great overall OST as well.

And a more upbeat one from the same drama



Since I’m in heart jail - pretty hearts for you!


Those hearts are so much prettier! :heart_eyes::heartpulse:


Looks like I’ll need to step up my game. You are a serious fangirl!


I have the dating books from W 2 Worlds in English - those are seriously COOL too! And a few other things! hahahahaha!


I love CLOY, Kkondae Intern, abd Best Hit the most,

The absolute best song is “Fate in Time” from Kkondae Intern:


Is it good? I wanted to buy it.


Today’s mood haha



Yes, I love that little book! “I Saw You As a Flower” by Ellen Everett


Great, I need more poetry in my personal library.


I have been in heart jail for HOURS!
I’m starting to hear the theme from Titanic!


I just got a notification that I am running low on hearts, but I literally just logged on and gave out maybe 5 so far today!! What gives?


I was in 45 min jail this morning! And I slept for like what 10 hours - where did my hearts go!