What OST Do YOU OWN/Play Non-Stop/LOVE - Do Any Songs Bring You Back and Make You Cry? 😭


you are a LIFESAVER…this is exactly why I couldn’t find it facepalm Thank you so much!


I’m talking about Mysterious Love ALL over the PLACE - I love this DRAMA! Intrigue is so Good and the chemistry is so :fire::fire::fire:

This OST is Beautiful! That 1st song! Wowsers!

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I am so in love with this drama


Can’t wait to watch it!


I hope you like it!!! It has some slow parts but I see where they need them for relevance in the story and flashbacks.


This song comes up in my rotation quite often, and I love it, but I honestly can never recall which drama it’s from. When it came on today, I made sure to check it’s info, and it comes from ‘Should We Kiss First’, which just so happens to be a drama I recently recommended. A total coincidence. LOL

It is so beautiful, but I had never actually looked up its translated lyrics before until I was looking for a video to post, and I fell even more in love after reading them. The lyrics are so romantic and dreamy.


In terms of instrumentals, I liked Dr. Romantic’s “Heart of Hospital”… it has an uplifting, inspiring tune.

The orchestra is beautiful in this one:

I can’t find an official version but I LOVE this instrumental:

This is my playlist:


Yeah, he joined the Navy so he’ll be away for more time than most of the others :disappointed_relieved:


DOTS not my favorite drama but this song is BEAUTIFUL


I’m caught up for now. Yes, I agree! It is a good drama. I love the ML and FL as well as the SFL and SML. Lots of chemistry! :revolving_hearts:



I SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY hope Bo Yummy is doing well!


From Fated to Love You which I just finished this morning; my two favs:


That is a BAWL my head off for DAYS! The OST song Goodbye My Love will make me a puddle of goo



Ok the Waterworks just started! :cry:

I cannot listen to that song without crying!


It was SOOOOOO good!!! I was extremely happy it had a happy ending because for the longest time, I was sure it was going to go south causing more tears!


But I wanted Daniel to be happy too. HIs proposal was so beautiful and she lived with that Hottie in Paris and they never kissed for 3 years! Like not happening. But I love Gunnie!


Gunnie is the fifth prince in My Country. I love his laugh!!


I’ll call you ANYTHING you want!

Aw, FATED is one of the BEST


I loved that dude in Heirs! So sad at the end when he had to marry the gal he wasn’t in love with. His crying/sobbing broke my heart.


Park Hyung Sik High Society - His pounding his chest and crying KILLS me!

I cannot even! I wish I could find the scene -


WTG! Another one on my watch list. Back to work Monday so my binge-watching will end for a while. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: