What OST Do YOU OWN/Play Non-Stop/LOVE - Do Any Songs Bring You Back and Make You Cry? 😭


The actual show is a little soap opera - a little campy

  • but just look at Park Hyung Sik and his girl and you are all good. I didn’t like SWDBS - probably because I like the two in HS better together. His acting is brilliant in HS.


ANOTHER new topic? Have you sworn that you want to achieve a great number in a very short time? I mean, everyone is free to start as many as they like, but I cannot stop wondering every time I see another topic for stuff that could very easily go under existing topids, what is the point of doing this all the time? Is it to get badges or what?


I’m sending you a PM!!! hahahahaha! We are kinda cafe hanging out aren’t we!

You can’t drop Fated to Love You! And me not talk about it!


Nope still talking about OSTs just enjoying some chat about a couple shows! We could move to the CAFE as always! I actually have not gotten any BADGES in a LONG while!


Oh there is my Gumiho!!!

Everytime this comes on pandora I forget that it is Hyun Bin - Love it


Tale of Nokdu

Wow didn’t realize how beautiful that 1st song is Love in the Moonlight - That humming version of Beige is really good.


Choi In Hyuk singing

Park Hyung Sik singing

Kim Jung Hyun singing


I’m currently addicted to this song :hearts::hearts::hearts:


Seo In GUK

I love this OST - SO BEAUTIFUL!



Wookie singing Goblin - Can you imagine him singing to his family one day! Wookie :purple_heart:


My favorite now…

I heard this OST in a sad drama. What a blessed voice


WHAAAAAT??!! WOWWWW this is such a good surprise!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I loved the song so much, I was about to google it!


Oh my goodness! SIGGY! Such a beautiful voice! He is the complete package; singer, actor, nice guy, super cute! :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


I don’t think this one has been posted. It’s from Just Between Lovers, called ‘With Me’ by Changmin. It’s used during some of the saddest moments in the drama, so it definitely immediately brings tears, but its lyrics are SO beautiful.

After re-watching JBL yet again, I can’t believe I always forget how beautiful its entire OST is.


Oh my heart and I have not even watched the drama! :sob:

His voice - is like - just so beautiful - this is on one of my solo album cds of his


That one is a regular on my playlist.


I’m crying just listening to that LORD I’ll need like Oxygen when I watch JBL! Be prepared! I might send out an SOS!


I’m here for you every step of the way!



Just because it was declared SungJoo Day by @kdrama2020ali, here’s one from The Liar and His Lover, in which there is a fictional band called Crude Play, for whom SungJoo plays the lead singer. It very much uses the 'pop; from Kpop.


I can’t stop crying whenever this plays!! Such a beautiful, hopeful song!