What supernatural dramas do you recommend?


has anyone put this up here? :grin:


I would include this in the supernatural. There are 2 Worlds! This is one of the best romances I have seen! I love Marcus Chang!:purple_heart:


I am not sure if we mentioned these before, I have not seen the first and the third one, and I wasn’t to big a fan of the second, so don’t ask me about its quality.

I remember a drama I watched way back, I don’t think it ever made its way to Viki, it’s called “The Legend” and was with actors like Bae Yong Joon, Lee Ji Ah, Moon So Ri and I think it was the first drama for Philip Lee.

And there was “Thousand Years of Love” I don’t think the years were kind to this drama even it has So Ji Sub as main lead.


This looks interesting. It is scheduled to start on 2/1.


Wow, plot seems pretty deep…:scream: Ji Chang Wook turned down offer to be main lead!


I think they have been trying to get L.U.C.A made for a while? He is just wrapping up Lovestruck in the City! I have not watched it yet. When it comes to Wookie! I cry a lot. Empress Ki has almost KILLED me he is so GOOD! I love Suspicious Partner!:blue_heart: Healer will be my next one to watch and K2.


@vivi_1485, Thank God Viki is getting something more than just web/idol dramas! I was getting discouraged.

@kdrama2020ali, I loved Healer! K2 was good too, although I didn’t much care for the young female lead.


This whole collection that I have compiled with supernatural dramas have a lot more action and suspense I think! Seems like they are getting a good variety. I do enjoy a good movie like Confidential Assignment or Train to Busan or Divine Fury once and a while.

I am looking forward to watching Kangchi, The Beginning. I also want to watch Woo Do Hwan in My Country The New Age!


Not that outstanding

And does anyone remember Operation Proposal?


I’m pretty sure I’ve watched this, but I can barely remember anything about it, so I guess I didn’t really like it. Or it’s just been too long since I watched it.


I know that I dropped it - wasn’t it with a repetitive day or so, I think I didn’t get past the first 2 episodes. I somehow think it was linked - the idea, about being stuck on one day - to this movie somehow, but I am not really sure.


That sounds more like One More Time. I think the main character in Operation Proposal just went to several moments in the past, but I’m not sure.
Either way, reliving the same day endlessly seems really horrible :confused:


No thank you! I think with ALL that’s going on in the world I feel like it is GROUNDHOG Day!


They do get a lot of other dramas but it’s the high school ones that get all the fame, promotion and popularity :roll_eyes:I have to dig for hours through Soompi articles and Viki’s Explore page to find good ones


I do a lot of digging every day! I like to research. If you ever wanna follow me you can check out what I have posted so far in my 4 collections, I’m new to kdrama so you might have watched them already. I tend to stay away from the high school and college ones. I did like Gangnam Beauty not so much Weightlifting Fairy although Nam Hyuk in a swimsuit is ok with me!



Fortune Teller Skills


Despite the name, Ghost wasn’t supernatural, was it?


Yep, it was more about a “cyber ghost”. I enjoyed it.


I was thinking the same, but couldn’t check on my notes.