What supernatural dramas do you recommend?


Looks Like Madame Antoine is like a Fortune Teller


I have been waiting to finish Tale of the Nine-Tailed because Foxy Lee Dong Wook can make me cry just like when he played Grim Reaper in Goblin. Bawling my head off​:fox_face::fox_face::sob::sob::sob::sob:



Yes, but she is more like analyzing the people in front of her, I don’t remember her as a medium or such …

Anyone else? It has been some time I watched it.


This is what description I found???

“Go Hye-rim (Han Ye-seul) is a fortune teller and café owner who goes by the name of Madame Antoine . She claims her fortune -telling abilities are based on a spiritual connection with the famous French queen Marie Antoinette .”


She claims but that is why this drama is in the category of comedy.


Got it! Won’t keep that in the supernatural


J’ai bien aime l’épouse du dieu de l’eau, les musique sont très jolies aussi, ce qui apporte un + à la série.
Musique du générique: Glass Bridge



Nam Joo Hyuk the most beautiful costume! I wish we had seen more of the Water God!


Did I find some more? Or were these mentioned?


Should already been mentioned. :wink:


[The Uncanny Counter] is supernatural, and quite scary and ‘‘gory.’’ If you are tough, and not squeamish then, I recommend you watch it, and be prepared mentally. It’s only on NTFX.


It runs under fantasy, I would say it is supernatural. I have watched it, as I was sick, saying that is that when I am actually sick I read, watch stuff I am normally not too interested in … Why? Because it seems easier for me to let it go again, and sleep more to get healthy a weird habit I guess but over the years quite successful. Anyway, I won’t judge this drama, maybe someone else can say something about it, I only remember that when I watched it the counter was about 8 points something not as high as now.

But this one is about dreams that will occur in the future, I can’t believe I watched it, but then again … Sometimes I step outside my “box”


Another one which is really great is Signal


I consider this a fantasy, ghosts, goblins, foxes, vampires, magic! So add fantasy to the thread also.


Why? Was it bad or do you normally not watch fantasy dramas?


Honestly, I don’t think many people would recommend the second or third. I’ve seen quite some people recommend the first one though (not in this thread).
Do you want a list of all fantasy and supernatural dramas or recommended fantasy and supernatural dramas?


Actually Radiant isn’t supernatural/fantasy either. But that might be considered a spoiler, so I blurred it.


So, now step by step …
Fantasy, is a rare watch for me, I do have a soft spot for time travel stories though. I watch some vampire, zombie stories too, but mainly because of the cast, usually I will look up the storyline or check on the first episodes, but it can’t be too dark, then I am out for example … Hm?
I watched Vampire Prosecutor, so I guess there is the thin line for me. I didn’t try Train to Busan. Pure fantasy, if I can name the Wuxia dramas like that, are not really my cup of tea at all. I can’t even tell where Wuxia starts and where it ends, so … I am not judging the dramas as they have element that are known from the fans, I won’t recognize them, so those fine nuances of storytelling might be lost on me.

Anyway with outside my box I meant the second drama mentioned.

Brutal scenes are not for me the past years I get more and more sensitive when it comes to this content, so I am staying away. Normally I only watch it when one of my favorite actors/actresses plays in, so a rare thing that I watched this one.

Well, I did try the second and gave up, after 3 episodes. I tried Blade Man as well, and was kind of in shock after the 1st episode, so I stalled it until it the broadcast ended. I tried it again and episode 1 and the rest of the drama is kind of night and day most of the time. So I started again levelheaded now and went through the story, it was kind of a metaphor to come alive, but it’s true you need good will and a lot of imagination to get into the story and accept the characters, apart from that the story was nothing too new, but I liked how at the start there was a lot of concrete gray and while moving further into the story it went a lot greener. Often the “supernatural” effects seemed artificial, and the housemaid and his father’s behavior added to many shying away from the drama. However, I understand that people just want to be entertained and don’t want to “work” their way through a drama.

Signal, I missed out on it, license … I know that is inspired by a movie with Dennis Quaid - was it Frequency - I am not sure about the title. Anyway, I wanted to watch it because Jo Jin Woong made a brilliant impression on my in Beyond the Clouds.


Aah, I see. Same, but luckily kdramas are usually okay in that regard.

Oh right, let’s add that one to the list. (+ season 2)

Was the story itself okay? I might watch it.