What supernatural dramas do you recommend?


LOL Let’s say it that way, I don’t have particular bad memories about it.
Try, is all I can say about it, it’s not that long either only 13 episodes.


Supernatural Movies. REALLY Good. But thinking about it…supernatural can mean different things to some ppl. To me; is not so much about Ghost but abilities/gifts or ‘‘gifts’’ that help us fight evil.

[The supernatural encompasses all entities, places and events that would fall outside the scope of scientific understanding of the laws of nature. This includes categories of entities which transcend the observable Universe, such as immaterial beings like angels, gods, and spirits. Wikipedia]



Supernatural to me


Supernatural? Maybe not, but the feels will terrify you as much as a supernatural story would.


Love in Magic has no supernatural powers involved, the magician has no superpowers only tricks he learned.


@ lutra

You are right that’s not the one I thought it was. I’m gonna see if I find it. Maybe they took it out. Now is more difficult to find movies. Every new changes they make here sucks.

It was this one . Thanks for noticing.


Perhaps this unique drama with many supernatural powers :wink:


there is also season 1… which I didn’t watch.
My favorite


If it’s about ghosts, that sure sounds like a supernatural drama.



It’s about zombies but what’s supernatural is why ppl turned like zombies. I can’t tell here bc it will spoil the whole movie which I’ve watched 2 times already. When it comes to scary movie the first time I watch, I do a lot of running away ''missing some great scenes in the process;; lol. That’s why I watch the second time, and stay put as hard as it is. Don’t know why, but zombies movies terrifies me to the core.


Ah I see what I did wrong. I thought the descriptions matched the drama above it, but they describe the dramas below it. My bad.


If anything it was my bad bc everyone usually adds the comment under the video, but I always add the comment on top :sweat_smile:


Then it’s kind of ironic that I usually put them on top too xD


My very first asian drama ever was Bride of the watergod

and if you like Goblin (my second ever asian drama) you might like this one as well.


I love Rampant!


Yep me and him are acquaintednam%20the%20water%20god .


I am compiling a list of supernatural including fantasy I’m ok with what ever you suggest. We have quite a list going!


Acquatinted? You’ve already seen it or…?
He really looked great as a watergod :heart_eyes:


He takes the BEST baths!!! I love Nam Hyuk I have watched him in many dramas but the Water God is my fav. I love him in costume! I wish they had done more with that fantasy side.



@kdrama2020ali, Here one that’s COMING SOON you might be interested in.


It’s not as creepy as it sounds xD


kdrama,Master sun is awesome, does drag a bit, but you will enjoy it