What supernatural dramas do you recommend?


Eurasia, this was an awesome drama, would have loved to have a tad more of it. but was good enough


oh boy I hope it is good


I personally think they should do more Hottie Chef Dramas. I love Wok of Love and Now Oh My Ghostess. He is just…can’t wait for the ghost to help out this poor FL.


Kdrama I so agree!!



Happy Valentine’s Day!


Yoon Shi Yoon - I think I found a new boy to like!!!


ohh he’s AMAzing in Psychopath Diary, carried the whole show for me!! His expressions change in a split second and he portrays dual personalities, so I really fell for him in that one…haven’t tried Best Hit, how is it?


I enjoyed it.:blush:


My Amazing Boyfriend!
Kim Tae-Hwan


Vampire Prosecutor


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I swear “W” Two Worlds is one of my favorites!


Anyone Watched this one with RAIN???


I watched it a long time ago when it was airing, but I still remember that I liked it a lot! Was a great mix of tissues and lolz + the whole cast is iconic, so I guess you can’t go wrong with it anyway. :slight_smile:


I have not watched RAIN in anything yet! So I added that to my list


I did just add this I like the premise of him losing his famous wine tasting skills to her with a kiss.


Yeah, two of my fave supernatural dramas happen to star the same person as heroine, Park Bo-Young:
“Oh My Ghostess” (a.k.a. “Oh My Ghost” when I watched it on Crunchyroll,) which is linked above, and "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (a.k.a. “Strong Girl Bong-Soon,” which I think I watched on Netflix before NF got overtly political and I canceled my subscription.)

Excellent acting by all in both, and good memorable stories. “Strong Girl Bong-Soon” in particular is surprisingly great as both a comedy and love-triangle romance - do not miss that one under any circumstances. Just an all-time classic drama.
[Late addendum: Netflix had it as “Girl” so that’s what I thought was correct, but I just checked and the original Korean title - 힘쎈여자 - reads as himssen-yeoja, which is “strong woman.” So more dumbing-down by American content-providers for no good reason. :roll_eyes: ]

“Sumika Sumire” was pretty good too…:

…but not as good as I’d expected. Still worth seeing, definitely. A similar drama is “When One Day I Will Sleep,” but I found that one to be lacking in comedy, and both deterministic and a little depressing.

I really wish Viki would get “Voice” and “Galileo.”

“Voice” is one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen - about a group of forensic science students who solve seemingly supernatural mysteries using “the voice of the dead,” or rather, clues from the bodies of the deceased who show up in their morgue. Despite the morbid subject matter it’s one of the most uplifting and “grab you”-intense dramas I’ve ever seen. Apparently someone has all of the episodes posted at YT, but I have no idea how long they’ll stay there - presumably YT is paying royalties, but it’s possible someone’s posted a pirated version and YT hasn’t gotten around to taking it down. At any rate, Viki should get that one 'cause it’s a must-see classic. It also stars Ishihara Satomi, star of “Pretty Proofreader,” which latter is maybe the single best Japanese drama Viki has in its lineup right now.

“Galileo” is another instant-classic - with the twist being that the stories seem supernatural at first, until Yukawa-sensei demonstrates them as having perfectly rational, scientific explanations. But not before they freak you out anyway.


I think I watched Come Back Alive a while ago and liked it. Have you watched Welcome2Life?


I am currently starting Strong Woman because I am a huge PHS fan!