What supernatural dramas do you recommend?


Eurasia, this was an awesome drama, would have loved to have a tad more of it. but was good enough


oh boy I hope it is good


I personally think they should do more Hottie Chef Dramas. I love Wok of Love and Now Oh My Ghostess. He is just…can’t wait for the ghost to help out this poor FL.


Kdrama I so agree!!



Happy Valentine’s Day!


Yoon Shi Yoon - I think I found a new boy to like!!!


ohh he’s AMAzing in Psychopath Diary, carried the whole show for me!! His expressions change in a split second and he portrays dual personalities, so I really fell for him in that one…haven’t tried Best Hit, how is it?


I enjoyed it.:blush:


My Amazing Boyfriend!
Kim Tae-Hwan


Vampire Prosecutor


76 Shows in the Collection


I swear “W” Two Worlds is one of my favorites!