What supernatural dramas do you recommend?


Anyone WATCHING???


Is this again or are you saying you’ve never watched it before?

If you’ve never watched it tell me what you think of how PHS looks at PBY. She said she would have really fallen in love with him just with how he looked at her, if it wasn’t for the fact that he looked at everyone the same way. Me - swoon


He said in an interview that he had a crush on her. I read that she said she wouldn’t fall for him so who knows! I have never watched it! I started it! I have to go back to it. I LOVE PHS. Talk about him everyday with my other fandom friends.

Some of these guys Ji Chang Wook, Park Hyung Sik, Song Joong Ki etc
Could look at a sign post and look like they are in love! It is crazy.


It’s all in the eyes.

When I was younger one of my friends accused of flirting with everyone, until one day he scolded me for ‘making eyes’ at the guy behind him, before realizing I was just giving a friendly smile to the female waitress behind him. lol


I was told I had "bedroom’ eyes once! Their blue, grey, and green what can you do!



I always say I don’t know what colour my eyes are, my youngest says they’re green, my license says they’re blue. Mine are also somewhere in the blue/green/grey with a bit of yellow. I’ve given up knowing what colour my eyes are. :slight_smile:


wow you guys with colourful eyes and here’s me with clear dark brown eyes like most of the population :joy: i can’t imagine not knowing the colour of my own eyes


:joy: every time you talk about it, I start to argue with myself. LJG says “WATCH IT!” and my little heart says “Do you want me to go into arrest?!”
…until the Baekhyun death scene video clip pops up in my Instagram feed aGAIN and I say “No, I don’t think I will.” :expressionless::sob:


I’m gonna do it! I think it is a beautiful love story. It is just a Romeo and Juliet tragedy. Lee Joon Gi would want you to watch his masterpiece.



And OHHHHHH Scarlet Heart Reyo


vampire prosecutor, sure would love to find it again and watch!!



Anybody watching this new J-Drama - I love Vampires!


LOL I kind of have a thing against vampires after I grew out of my Twilight phase :joy: Tell me if it’s good.


I’m liking it so far - like 4:16 min in we already have a intimate scene! And the show is very dark, moody, broody, foggy - I like the filming - kind of ole world


Ok, here I go hahaha:

If you didn’t watch this one, I deeply recommended (it’s short and cute as you like hehe):

Hope you enjoy it!


I think I have all of these but this one! Thanks!


It’s really short, I think you’ll enjoy it!


Added to my Supernatural Collection - I’m finding that fantasy and supernatural is one of my FAV genre!


@vivi_1485 Scripting Mr. Destiny is Super Cute @natyh