What to do if you see this?

So I can across one moderator and wanted to see if they are active to ask them to join my team. But all I see is this. And it exactly 20 pages on that user’s “Project Contributions”.
I did send the CMs a message but they look like they are not active.
What should I do?

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Ask him/her why. Maybe there’s a good reason …


Uhh, I think you should click on the flag shown on their page which says “report user”. Never tried using it, so I don’t know what options you’ll get out of the button or anything, but yeah… try it?

I could maybe understand if there were 20 subtitles like that. But 20 pages of notes means somebody is not only not contributing, but hampering contribution on that project.


Wait…TWENTY PAGES LIKE THAT? Unless all 20 pages are the lyrics on many of the episodes, it would not be possible even for markers for lyrics to get the 100 percent some so die for around here…! The Four has around 40 eps? If they have NOTHING but notes and 20 pages of that…well that’s getting more likely to be an abuser…

There are only two reasons you MIGHT see it - “legitimately” - and how to figure out what happened. The CM being inactive is not helpful, but you don’t need them to KNOW what happened - you just need the positions of the “subs” and the video in question.

The first is to go to that episode and see what that line IS. IF it is dialogue and you see just notes - then this is an abuser. IF you scroll down some more pages and see NOTHING BUT NOTES, you have an abuser.

IF though this position in the drama IS lyrics…then what you MAY have here is the marker for someone that does not yet have lyrics translated into their language. That is the ONLY reason I might put in JUST notes - but not usually what we do. We would normally leave it blank. With some dramas, you never do get the lyrics done or they are complicated in some way and someone may not be comfortable translating them. In which case because they cannot DELETE the segments - they for appearance chose to put in just notes.

There are several ways to figure this out. One way is to look at the episode and time - and you can even just view the video - you don’t even need the segment timer to determine what the story really is.

That’s what I do - if I believe this may be someone abusing - I do go look at that episode, that marker in time for that sub. Takes all of 5 minutes.

After that, if you find out they are innocent, contact them if you can’t find real subs of theirs or do not know someone who could tell you about their subbing or moderation. I mean, if it’s ALL NOTES through what’s clearly dialogue, that’s an open and shut there for someone abusing the language file. :frowning:

But if they have dialogue, the next question is are they not able to translate the lyrics or what the story is.

I know that on C dramas - the Chinese to English lyrics translation can be difficult. Not everyone is comfortable and it’s again another level of how well folks translate. :slight_smile:

I hope this has been of help. :slight_smile:

Best of luck,