What was your first K-drama?


There is already such a topic, why repeat it?

And of course one’s first drama is always included in the topic “What is your Viki story?”, but of course it’s a much more comprehensive topic with longish answers.

If I were moderator here I’d do lots of “spring cleaning” like this, to avoid multiple topics and similar answers several times.




It was Kingdom on ntflx, bc I like post apocalyptic stuff. That then softened my attitude towards reading subtitles (I’m dyslexic), which had been the biggest obstacle for me previously getting into series in a language I don’t speak. After that I think I did Crash landing on you, bc I like North Korean topics etc. Subsequently I couldn’t stop anymore :smiley:


It was Who are you : school 2015 :smile:
By chance, all the episodes were available on youtube and it was immediately a thunderbolt of love :heart_eyes:
I won’t forget this drama of all my life !!


As you liked it that much, I am going to add this drama in my watch list. :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool !! :smile:
But I warn you, it’s really heartbreaking. It’s basically about builling.


I have seen it, and I tell you its not a big deal :slightly_smiling_face:. However, I recommend you to watch HEALER instead, incase if you did not saw it.


My First K-drama was Boys Over Flowers.

and it started all because of Hana Yori Dango(Japanese)
I am thankful to Japanese dramas to get me into this beautiful world of Kdramas.


I think it was a adaptation of an anime, probably “Itazura na Kiss”.
I’ve never watched an asian drama 'till then! And when I saw that, I fell in love with the protagonist. :heart:


I became such a crazy fan of the series that I watched all Japanese Versions and the original version, no matter how old it is, is my favorite till today. I still have other international versions of Itazura Na Kiss in my watchlist. Currently watching Taiwanese Version but is on hold for a few months now.


Inheritors was my first one I think.


My mom used to watch some historical kdramas on local channels. But the first kdrama that I watched is “Secret Garden” in the beginning of 2016 I guess. OMG it has been 5 years already. :cry:


My very first Kdrama was “Crash Landing on You” I initially refused to watch it because of the subtitles. I am so glad my friend convinced me. I have now since July 2020 watched in upwards of 50 dramas including two T-dramas and a C-drama. Totally hooked. My #1 is Guardian the Lonely and Great God! Currently watching “I Am Not a Robot”


My first K-drama was “you’re beautiful” like a lot of people !
And my second K-drama was “descendant of the sun” who is an exceptional drama !

I hope you will love this dramas! :grin: :purple_heart:




yes, this is one of my favourite dramas!! to this day Yoo Si Jin is one of my favourite male characters in all entertainment :heart_eyes:


Mon premier K-drama c’était :

  • My Boy

  • Hanakimi

  • Witch’s Love


mi primer drama fue jardin de meteoros es muy largo pero hermoso


My very first k-drama was Hwarang. It’s definitely not my favorite but I enjoyed it enough to watch more. I liked it more when I was watching it but then I found To the Beautiful You and that changed my love for k-dramas completely.


My first k-drama was Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. My sister was watching it and I decided to sit in with her and see how it was and I ended up loving it.


Ha-ha! ha! :smile::joy::joy::smile:". . .A good way to start" made me laugh.:smile:

:bulb: this reminds me, it’s one of the ones I watched pre-Viki! Yes! I’ll add this to my topic list