What was your first K-drama?


O meu foi Hi, bye mama! o drama da Kim tae-hee do Lee Kyu Hyung e da Go Bo Gyeol
Mine was Hi, bye mama! Kim Tae-Hee’s, Lee Kyu Hyung and Go Bo-Gyeol drama


my1st k-drama was


Meu primeiro K-drama foi W. Ele me prendeu do início ao fim! As cenas de suspense realmente me fizeram prender o ar. Os atores trabalharam muito bem juntos… e é claro que Lee Jong Suk é muito lindo e carismático. Por ser meu primeiro drama, tenho uma memória afetiva muito grande por ele…


Mine was Stranger. I don’t think another show would gave me such a addiction to K Drama! This one is perfection :star2:


Mine was My Secret Romance. It was a good watch tho.



My first Kdrama was It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, it gave me extremely high standards. I definitely recommend watching that one. It has a nice story that is a little spooky but has a cute romance.


Oh my, if It’s Okay to Not Be Okay was your first drama, your standards must be wayyyy too high!! :scream: the cinematography and OST were just too perfect


I’ve never watched that drama @lorelei_mct_938, @vivi_1485

I (scratch head) cannot for the life of me, remember my first drama, since being hooked in 2010. Of course since I joined Viki in 2013, I know the first K, & C dramas watched here on Viki :blush:


And I can’t stand dramas made before 2015 :flushed: I worry about @lorelei_mct_938 :joy:


My first captioned series was a Turkish drama called Black Money Love. It had a LOT of episodes (around 150 or so) but it was oh so good! I highly recommend. It is currently on Netflix. I had always steered clear of captioning as I didn’t think I would like reading at the bottom of the screen that much but I have found that I don’t even notice it any longer. My next was actually a K-drama, Mr. Sunshine. This one blew me out of the water for the cinematography and the story line. Again, I highly recommend. I am now hooked and have watched several K and C dramas.


:raising_hand_woman:t5:‍♀ Hi @stardust2466_546,
We are all caught in the same dragnet so to speak, when it comes to K & C dramas. :slight_smile::blush:


woow!!! my first korean drama was zombie detective it was full fun and refreshing drama with new concept you have watched it or not I not just watch it


Il mio primo k-drama è stato w two worlds :fiore di ciliegio:


Same for me! Got sucked in and have never looked back, openes up a whole new world of stories and I’m incredibly glad!!


It’s been soooooo long that I don’t even remember if it was Boys Over flowers or Playful Kiss :sweat_smile:


I got into K-dramas during the first lockdown. My friend recommended “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?” to me, and I decided to give it a try. For some time I binge-watched it, then had a huge break (i don’t even know why), and now I’m finishing it - one episode left.


are you enjoying it? what genre of entertainment do you usually like?


My first K drama was “My love Patzzi” and “Tree of heaven”. Has anyone watched any of them?A217D765-203A-4092-8F15-7085FF9E5737 17C50652-6BCE-4FAD-BE72-DD90CA4B6F04


My first K-drama was Something in The Rain. <3


My first k-drama was Love is a bonus book, and I just love it! :heart: