What was your first K-drama?


Weibo had some really soft ones, back when it had just come out, I’ll see if they’ll let me share those clips.
I found this clip, but not from Weibo.

Maybe watch it from one of these options. Check the links.


My first K-Drama was “Tale Of The Nine Tailed”

I loved Lee Dong-wook from the first appearance and also the background music in this drama is now on my playlist :grin:


Crash landing on you


Sisyphus: the myth :zap:


My first K-drama was Nevertheless. After that I just went down a rabbit hole of just binging K-dramas like crazy on Netflix then found out about Viki and subscribed. My Favorite K-Drama thus far is Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. I have yet to see another that can top that k-drama. Any recommendations are appreciated.


my first kdrama was Dongyi


Mine was My Sweetheart My Darling back in 2007. Nobody has heard of it cause it’s actually a soap opera with a million episodes that happened to be playing on a local channel in my country. It has Lee Bo Young and it’s kind of a cliche story where these two people fall in love and get married, but then his mother is evil and hates his new wife and tries to make her life miserable. So they get a divorce and he keeps trying to get back with her. It was really exciting at the time, but I feel like if I watched it again, after all the amazing dramas I’ve seen since then, it might be a little boring for me.


The first Kdrama I started watching was Goblin, but I couldn’t get into it, so I dropped it after a couple of episodes.
The first one I got to finish was Hwarang and even though now I don’t know what I liked about it, it still has a special place in my heart, since it was the one that introduced me to Kdramas.


I know it’s been long since you posted this, but I needed to comment this.

When they announced that The K2 would be broadcasted on Greek television, I got very excited and I was really wondering if anyone would start watching Kdramas after watching it on TV. I am very glad you did!


I had to reply despite it being so long ago!
Marry Me, Mary! was my first too. I acquired a bit of an obsession with Kim Jae Uck for a while after that and when I think about it, even after all these years, I’m still not over the curse of second lead syndrome. :sweat_smile:


My first k-drama was
What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim <3


That was my second K-drama and the one that got me hooked haha


To the beautiful you :blush:


This one has a special place in my heart.
I have re-watched so many times.


Same this was also one of my first Kdrama’s I have ever seen.


The Heirs/ Hail lee Min Ho! lol . After it, it was a ‘‘volley’’ of Lee Min Ho Dramas @leerla73


Love Rain, cause I was a yoonaddict :heart_eyes:


I loved this show :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Legend of the blue sea spoiled me.


My first K-Drama was either Our Beloved Summer or A love So Beautiful or Forgotten, I really don’t remember since it was a couple months ago (I have bad memory) and I never really talked about it but those three are the earliest I can remember. I managed to get my mom into K-Dramas with the movie Forgotten, she really loved it!!