What was your first K-drama?


So did I, but my dad instead of my mom lol


The movie was just so nerve-racking and the twist at the end just left us like wow…


WOW !!! Our beloved summer it’s a new K-drama, you are like a baby fan LOL nice to meet you. I love this type of K-drama if I can suggest one I would say Crash landing on you or Uncontrollably found very good ! IDK if it’s in VIKI

Have a good day :wink:


My first first K-drama it was in a long time I think it was Uncontrollably Fond in 2016 I love this K-drama (It’s in my TOP 3) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck::blush:


LOL Yeah, I’m new but it alr feels like I’m an old fan :laughing: I believe I saw Crash Landing On You on Netflix so I’ll def check that out and I’ll also see if Uncontorllably Fond is on Viki.
(I saw people marking Netflix as a spoiler, idk why)
Edit 1: Uncontrollably Fond is on Viki and I didn’t know Kim Woo Bin was one of the main cast members! He played his role well in Twenty.


Uncontrollably Fond is one of the legendary classic tragedies of Kdramaland, right next to Scarlet Heart Ryeo - which is why I’ll be steering completely clear of it forever


Is it? Then I’ll def check out Scarlet Heart Ryeo as well :+1:


Don’t make me talk about it

I can’t get over any of those


I definitely agree with you !!!


I think it’s because it’s their competitors I am not sure LOL :rofl:


they are the best!
i love scarlet heart ryeo!


Sammmeee, Jewel of the Palace was my first too


My first K-drama was Hwarang
I watched it because BTS V is there but fell in love with the whole cast !!!


My first Kdrama was Goblin, about 7 or 8 years ago. My dad was the one who actually recommended it to be, and nagged me for about a year to try it. I remember watching the first two episodes and cringing at some of the Kdrama tropes, and then slowly getting swept up in the story, so by the end I was all emotional. Drama, romance, bromance and comedy.

My Top Kdramas in no particular order:
Fight for my Way, What’s wrong with Secretary Kim, Oh my Venus, Another Miss Oh, Strangers, Kingdom, Hospital Playlist, 100 days my Prince, Our Beloved Summer, Liberation Notes, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Reply 1994, Its Okay not to be Okay, Don’t dare to Dream, It’s Okay that’s Love, Masters Sun, My Sassy Girl (2017)…actually there are so many I’ll stop here.


Mon premier K-drama était Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryo. Ca restera l’un de mes dramas préférés !
Le triangle amoureux qu’il y a entre eux :blush: Le drama est historique et romantique est quand même assez sombre donc il faut s’accrocher. Mais il vaut le coup !


My first K Drama was Vampire Prosecutor. Entertainment Weekly magazine published an article about K Dramas in 2014 and the article included a list of suggested titles. Vampire Prosecutor was on the list and it sounded interesting to me and so different. I got a trial at DF and watched the drama, and I was hooked! I then watched other dramas that were suggested and also got a subscription to Viki as well as DF.


I remember like it was yesterday. (2018):sweat_smile:
My first k-drama was Waikiki, think of a comedy.



I think my first k-drama was Princess Hours/Goong. Its been so long and I watched a whole bunch of them that its hard to remember. It had to have been one from Yoon Eun-Hye or was Cinderella’s Sister with Moon Geun-Young.

In all actuality I think I started with the variety show X-Man and went with it from there


Diary of a Night Watchmen, Moon river, can you guess my favorite actror?