What was your first K-drama?


Itaewon Class


SAMEEE!! <3 We love them!


The Sweet Blood <3


Eternal Love


mine was revenge note the second part tho :slight_smile:


My first K-drama was True Beauty were I met my favorite actor Cha Eunwoo.:heart:


thats a good actor i get it tho


One of the funniest dramas I have ever watched!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:


It started with me reading Goong the manhwa and found out there was a live action Princess Hours! honestly I watched a few episodes and thought it was a movie and then realized it was a drama! I didn’t complete it but then decided to check out what korean dramas where and from there the first drama I finished was Boys Over Flowers! and was hooked!!


My first Kdrama was Full House


Encounter/Boyfriend with Park Bo Gum and Song Hyk-Kyo



I began watching Korean dramas around 2006 and one of the first I remember is the MBC drama “Soulmate” (2006), starring Shin Dong-wook and Lee Soo-kyung.



A good drama. I loved the OST. :hearts:


Thank you for sharing.

My favorite from OST for “Soulmate”.


“Que Sera Sera” (2007) was another drama I really liked.

Yoon Ji-hye, Eric Mun, Jung Yu-mi, Lee Kyu-han

And a great OST as well.


Another great drama. Eric! :heart_eyes:

Still waiting for the remake. :pensive: