What will you say is THE BEST kdrama you ever saw?


Ah yes this is one of my top ten dramas too. Ji Sung stood out in this drama and just recently he is in the new one about DID ( multiple personality )
now the other one with Hyun Bin was getting a lot of publicity so I decided to check out both as I liked other dramas that Hyun Bin was in but no can’t match our Ji Sung he is much better by far.

  1. Best drama ever; City Hunter, Doctor Stranger
  2. Best ‘old’ drama: You’re Beautiful
  3. Best ongoing: Healer / Kill me, heal me
  4. Best Taiwanese Drama: Just You / Fall in love with you


For me the classic drama is “Boys over flower”, at now i like “Kill me, heal me”. :heart_eyes:


This is one tough question.

But so far:
My love from the star and Birth of a beauty.

From before:
Boys over flowers, playful kiss, baker king, princess hours and Dong yi.

I forgot other korean dramas that are the best but overall:


(15/10) I give them a perfect score and:
Plus 1, because the plot is unique.
Plus 1, because the story is very, very, very, very FUNNY
Plus 1, because the actor is hot and the actress is very beautiful
plus 1, because their chemistry is awesome
Another plus 1, because words can’t describe how extraordinary this TV drama is.

Agree? :smiley:


my love from the star deserves another watch xD i agree that it was really good, and im missing our baby kim soo hyun who did such a great job with this role. and crazy but beautiful jun ji hyun xD


I recently watched “My love from the star” as my 4th Kdrama. Well, it seems this show is even more for women than other Drama. The romanticism overkill is huge towards mid/end and the male charakter is even more idolized (do they always idolize male charakters because the target group of Kdrama are women 20-40?) than in Faith, 49 days and I hear your voice. And most important, for me it was hard buy that a guy like him would fall in love with a dull, uneducated, materialistic tv actress like her.

On the other hand I can understand that girls/women like the show, Im just not the target audience for it but I thought it is overall really good because of its high rating.


The best drama for me is NICE GUY no doubt,

Best old drama: FAITH of course.

Ongoing drama is my lovely HEALER.



life changing!
2nd favorite: Pinocchio
3rd favorite: My Love From the Star

^^ whatcha think?


I had one : Playful Kiss but SECRET knocked that out the ball park, right quick!!!

My first Drama was Secret Garden ( I bought it too), but I just found Secret and now can’t stop watching it!!! I would watch all 16 episodes and when it’s finish, I just re-watch it again and again… :blush: Here are a few K-drams I have watched in the past: Hey there!!!

I have quite a lot to recommend…ready: Secret ( this is my ALL TIME favourite), Secret Garden, Playful Kiss, Kill Me, Heal Me, Shine or Go Crazy (just start watching), You Who Came from Another Star, Coffee Prince, Queen In-hyun’s Man, I Hear Your Voice, Monstar, High School on Love, To the Beautiful You, You are Beautiful, Faith (could NOT get into it), Personal Taste (did not finish…don’t think I will), Hyde, Jekyll, Me, My Name Is Kim Sam-soon, City Hunter, Heirs, Boys Over Flower, Man from Nowhere (movie but woo baby the guy is HOT!!!), Fated to Love You, Commitment (another HOTTIE),A Company Man (movie…the guys in this is sexy too hehehe), Master’s Sun, Baby and Me,Heartstrings (did not like so much), Marry Him If You Dare (did not like so much but it had my favourite actress (Yoon Eun-hye) in there so I watched it), Princess Hours, My Fair Lady,Lie To Me (lead guy…not so much…meh), Missing You ( did not finish), My Black Mini Dress (meh), Ninja Assassin (Rain, what more can I say…hehehe),Full House,Inspiring Generation, Don’t Hesitate (this one is long),Pinocchio, Gu Family, Innocent Man,My Secret Hotel ,…want more??? Left me know. As you can seen I am addict…MUST WATCH K-DRAMA!!! Can you recommend some to me???


My favooooooooooooooorite drama of ALL TIME:

Bridal Mask x)
:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


the first one: BOYS OVER FLOWERS

it got me hooked


el mejor drama que visto fue el que vi por primera vez y me enamoro de esta cultura “jardin secreto”
seguido del “maestro del sol” simplemente hermoso y estoy pegadisima con "hyde,jekill y yo…


Oh I haven’t watched this one. I’m a bitch for doing marathon drama watching is it really worth my while losing more sleep this week ? I’ve just done a 25 episode one with one of my favourite guys ‘Ji Sung’


Ever?? It’s hard to say. Hard to name just one. Right now it is HEALER.
But I can’t ever forget some old k dramas from the begining. I am sorry, I love you, East of Eden with strong story line, great cast and acting. From my “palmares” it is really hard to place number 1 a title - watched about 200 k dramas :smile:


All-time Favorite Drama: Probably the glory that is Misaeng. It completely wrecked my drama list that had been accumulating for five years lol.
Best Classic/Older Drama: Dae Jang Geum for sure. Queen Seon Deok may be a close second.
Favorite Drama Currently: Hmm, I just finished marathoning Pinocchio so I’d probably have to go with that.
Favorite Taiwanese Drama: I want to go with You Are the Apple of My Eye because I absolutely adored it, but it’s a movie ; A ;


Very brain wracking question indeed!

All-time Favorite Drama: Goong, Coffee Prince, Kim Sam Soon, It’s Okay That’s Love, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Kings2Heart
Best Classic/Older Drama: My 19 Year Old Sister In Law, Biscuit Teacher Star Candy, Beautiful Life
Favorite Drama Currently: Not watching any currently, but my last ones were Cantabile Tomorrow, Pinnochio
Favorite Taiwanese Drama: It Started With A Kiss (1&2), In Time With You, Devil Beside You, Autumn Concerto, Fated To Love You

And and and!! There are too many dramas I’ve watched and I’ll list out memorable ones of which most are romance drama

  • The World They Live In / A Gentleman’s Dignity / Cinderella’s Sister / Padam Padam / Princess Man / Lie To Me / Shining Inheritance / Scent of A Woman / That Winter, The Wind Blows/ Secret Garden / City Hunter/ Moon embracing the Sun / You who came from the Star / Princess Man / My Princess / Goong 2 / Heirs/ I Hear Your Voice / IRIS / Nice Guy / Nine Time Travels / My Fair Lady / Personal Taste / Good Doctor / Emergency Couple / 49 Days / Master Sun / Prime Minister and I

:blush: I think I spent 1 year watching Kdramas. LOL!


I’ve been watching k-dramas for a little over 7 years now (I know, crazy!) and I’m probably the harshest critic out there!!

Having said that my all-time favourite drama is Incomplete Life (Misaeng); no ifs ands or buts!! Even though this drama had no romance, it was unbelievably well-written and the character development is unmatched by any k-drama I’ve watched in my life. As corny as this sounds, this was the only drama I’ve EVER watched that I could seriously relate to on a personal level and it has such a special place in my heart. IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN MISAENG GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!

The best classic/older drama I’ve seen is I’m Sorry, I Love You.

I’m currently watching a lot of dramas (Kill Me, Heal Me, Shine or Go Crazy, Blood, and Persevere Goo Hae Ra, etc), but I can’t really choose a favourite just yet. I’m going to go with Healer, even though I finished it.


This drama is like… super good. I made my whole siblings watch it. LOL. even my 10-year-old little brother watched a little with me and was so interested.


-Best drama ever: My love from the another star
-Best old drama ever: Autumn’s Concerto
-Favorite drama now: kill me heal me :heart_eyes:


1 : Faith
2 : Iljimae
3: Healer