What will you say is THE BEST kdrama you ever saw?




I FEEL LIKE ABSOLUTELY NO ONE HAS SEEN STARS FALLING FROM THE SKY- BUT IT IS AMAZING. My sister recommended it to me, so it was the 2nd, I think, kdrama that I ever watched and honestly, I fell in love with it. I’ve seen it like 5 or 6 times already. It’s SOOOO underrated!!!


TOP 5 MODERN KDRAMAS: Kill me heal me, boys over flowers, secret, you’re beautiful, can you hear my heart

TOP 3 HISTORICAL KDRAMAS: Shine or go crazy, gu family book, the moon embracing the sun

TOP 3 TAIWANESE DRAMAS: Love around, love now, deja vu

Currently watching: angry mom, persevere goo hae ra, the girl who sees smells, fabulous boys, shine or go crazy, fools love, blood, super daddy 10, padam padam, the lovers, mischevious kiss love in tokyo 2, the queens classroom, lets eat 2 and hyde jekyll me (these r all amazing dramas korean taiwanese and japanese that MUST BE WATCHED) angry mom is so awesome and currently has turned into my new fave drama


I have a new one to add to my list which I posted some time back. I want to say ‘Shine or go crazy’ is just wonderful. Deserves to be in the best list.


Literally too hard to pick, but here goes:

  1. Ties between: Its okay its love, i need romance 3, masters sun, i hear your voice, school 2013, heirs (have fun watching!!)

  2. my girlfriend is a gumiho

  3. from 2014: healer, you from the stars, i need romance 3

Seriously. try its okay its love (WEIRD at first, AMAZING after a good couple episodes) & i need romance 3 (sung joon is my love <3)


Definitely My Love from Another Star. Terrific writing, acting, directing, more please.


#2 My Love From The Stars
#3 Hi! School: Love On
But still: If I compare MLFTS to QIHM then QIHM is a 10000000… times better!!


omg i love these drama
especially secret it so emotions thank good she went with Goo Hae Young :heart:


Ouh what a hard question !!

  1. Kill me, heal me. ( It’s my number one-- that drama got me a little obsess with it lols )
  2. Sad love song. ( I use to like this drama a lot but now when I rewatch it, it makes me so piss for some reason lols. It’s still a good kdrama! )
  3. My favorite one right now is Mask :slight_smile: I’m totally hooked to that one.



  1. The Heirs and City Hunter … I can’t choose sorry!
  2. Boys Over Flower
  3. Falling For Innocence and The Secret Hotel… Can’t choose too but they are so many else

I have watched just 2 Tdrama and my favorite is Just You.


East of Eden is until now the greatest drama watched , i really cried so much and i don’t cry easily , my fav actor Song Seung Heon made a great act in it but all the actors are great , the story line is strong , so sad for the end but it is Abel and Cain story . I re watched When a man loves for SSH great too. The second drama in my list is Scent of a women , the tango scene is deep in my heart . Kill me Heal me for actual drama , Ji Sung is just fabulous . A really sweet drama it is Ho Goo 's love , Uee catch my heart . Boys over flowers was my first kdrama and it has this special spot in my list , Playful kiss is after this. My list continue with Five fingers , Warrior Baek Dong Soo , Innocent man , Smile Dong Hae , Bachelor vegetable store . The only tw drama that i watched it was Devil beside you and i love it . A werewolf boy , The taste of money , Ghost in my arms,Obsessed , some movie that i loved too .

  1. The Lover/ Let’s Eat
  2. Boys Over Flowers(It’s a classic)


Dae Jang Geum


Or as it is known here Jewel in the Palace. It was re-timed and had the translations updated last yer.


I watched tons of Korean Dramas and this few leave an impression in me.
Heard it Through the Grapevine… it’s satire .
Cruel City/Heartless City
City Hunter
Greatest Love
Marraige Not Dating
Rooftop Prince
Gu Family Book
Master Sun


Your list is the best so far. I would add to it with ‘It’s ok that’s love’ ‘My love from the stars’ ‘The moon embracing the sun’ ‘Healer’ ‘Kill me heal me’ There are a few airing at this time that are quite good also. The awards for 2015 will be hard to pick just one as so far this year 3 stand out for me as I love when the writer stays true to his characters and the cast carry it off well.

  1. Dong Yi; the very first historical k drama I have watched and it is so well done. It gets kind of repetitive when it comes closer to the end, but despite this it is such a good show. I would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Healer; has a good plot-line, action/adventure and romance. Plus since this is the very first k drama I have watched. So this show has a very special place in my heart :smile:

  3. Moon Embracing the Sun. A highly dramatic, but amazing drama. I especially love the music that was used for this drama. I would have loved it more if it continued with the younger cast, but it’s still an amazing drama for me.


1 - Kill Me, Heal Me is probably my favorite kdrama at the moment. Ji Sung’s acting is incredible, along with the rest of the cast. I don’t cry often but there were moments where I teared up in this one. Writers did a great job :smile:

2 - I loved Iljimae, Joon Ki is a great actor. I also liked Secret Garden, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and City Hunter.

3 - Basically the dramas that I have in my favorites are my favorites :smile:

I don’t watch many Taiwanese dramas, but Just You was alright.


You’re right : it’s hard to choose between so many good dramas but I am going to do it.

  1. The Heirs
    2.My girl
    3.The girl who sees smells
    4 Just you


####Best Drama is definitely Secret Garden. It was a great rom-com type of drama :slight_smile: very cute !!
Honorable mentions: You’re Beautiful, Love Rain, Kill Me Heal Me, Healer, My Love From Another Star, To the Beautiful You (my first).

Taiwanese: Devil Beside You

Japanese: Mischievous Kiss