What will you say is THE BEST kdrama you ever saw?


Best drama ever: Reply 1997
Best “old” drama: Dae Jang Geum/ Jewel in the Palace (2004- I think)

  1. All time favorite Korean drama has to be either “I Need Romance” or “It’s Okay That’s Love.” They’re more mature and they are honestly life changing, wow.

  2. An older drama would have to be Personal Taste. It’s the first one I ever watched before I got sucked in to Korean dramas plus the storyline and plot was so funny and enjoyable

  3. I enjoy all of the same dramas now but I would love to add in “Shut Up & Let’s Go (Flower Boy Band)” I totally think its underrated because not enough people talk about it. Boys Over Flowers seem pretty frequent (don’t get me wrong this series is bomb and Lee Min Ho snatched my heart along with Kim joong and Kim Bum but that’s too common/typical) If you sit down and watch this series, Shut Up and Let’s Go is opposite of the rich boys Fab 4. They live in poverty but they’re hot, some don’t have parents/parents are in drug dealing business, they’re all bad boys, but they all find success. One of the members even DIE. I’m addicted to the soundtrack. You MUST watch this series or you didn’t fully experience life :joy::joy::joy:


Yes it’s Keke Palmer XD

  1. hmm hard. There are many I liked, but I’d have to say Birth of a Beauty. The plot was great, the chemistry was great, the OST rocked (Jonghyun :heart: :ok_hand: ) loved the intro, the humor was awesome, the villans were evil and fearless, the revenge was satisfying, the actors were gorgeous and Joo Sang Wook couldn’t be any hotter :heart_eyes: :ok_hand: :kiss: . Over all gr8 drama. it feels like a classic I can watch it over n over
  2. Boys Over Flower is a classic. it was the first time I marathoned a drama (25 episodes in 3-4 days).
  3. other favs are Hi School Love On, School 2013, The Lover, Dr. Frost, and Liar Game. Non Korean favs are Le Jun Kai and Liar game Japanese vers.


the best kdrama to my mind is THE HEIRS. especially Kim Woo Bin is georgous in this drama :smiley:


HEALER forever


1 : HEALER ! (I really need to justify ? Scena, Cast’ & Prod are alllllllllll perfect :v: :ok_hand: :thumbsup: :heart: )
2 : Hello! Miss! (It’s the same… Really. And then, the Cast is better than in Healer :smiley: )
3 : I hesitate between Mask & Hello Monster… :heartpulse:
4 : Autumn’s Concerto or Just You :revolving_hearts:


Nine Times Time Travel… Just the right amount of everything.


This is toooooo hard… Uhm… I think it would be my first love. Coffee Prince! As for old drama, Autumn Sonata! :smile:
I’ve watched atleast a hundred K Drama’s so far so this was the toughest question for me :sob:


My favorite all time drama is totally 49 Days although it is old~


Nothing wrong with older dramas. One of my fav because it was the first is Pure in Heart, and it would be considered old, too. :smile: I think it came out in either 2005 or 2006. There are quite a few classics, I haven’t seen but plan to watch.


Iron Man (The plot was top notch. The artistic feel was the best I’ve seen in a kdrama. The actors nailed their roles.)


that’s a really hard question. uhmm… sorry i cannot choose only one so, i am going make several list:

1: boys over flower (first drama ever that got me into others drama and k-pop stuff)
2: kill me heal me (i almost died laughing in this drama)
3: healer (action, comedy,romance)
4: heir (best high school drama and Kim woo bin became my favorite actor since then)
5: princess man/ gu family book ( has to be the best historical dramas)

there are thousands more but i am not going to write. lol


these are some good dramas: emergency couple, gentleman’s dignity ( you will never stop laughing believe me), Iris (one of the best action drama ever), the greatest love, flower boy ramyun shop (male leads are Hot), sungkyunkwan scandal (historical), good doctor (brilliant acting from the main lead), goong (Yoon Eun-hye favorite actress), the winter the wind blows (melodrama) , my princess, i am sorry i love you (epic) , rooftop prince (historical)… there’s more but right now can’t think no more.


I have to agree with Healer although not the best I ever saw this one is near perfect. It had everything and the acting was stellar!


It’s a difficult decision especially with the point 1.

  1. I think it would Boys over flowers but I can’t forget Master´s sun
  2. I’ve not see old dramas, sorry don’t kill me
  3. At this moment my favorite drama is I remember you
    In case of my favorite Taiwanese drama are Bull fighting and Romantic princess, none of them is well known.

  1. Fated to love you and Master’s sun. Don’t make me choose between them >_<
  2. You’re beautiful.
  3. Favorites now: Gu Family Book, Faith, It’s okay, that’s love, Scholar who walks the night, The girl who sees scents, The greatest love, Missing you, Reply 1997, My love from another star, Pinocchio.

Favorite Taiwan drama: Someone like you and Devil beside you


Best Drama-Masters Sun
Best Old Drama-Boys Over Flowers
Fave as of now: Scholar who walks the night

  1. The best kdrama ever - ANGRY MOM! I couldn’t love it more, it could make you laugh, cry, cry a lot, and it even forces you to have some serious contemplations about the reality that we live in. And man, that suspence… Besides, I love strong female leads, and there’s no stronger female lead in any other kdrama, than Jo Kang Ja - the mom.
  2. The best old drama… Cinderella’s Sister - 2010. This was the first kdrama that I’ve watched, and maybe because of it I got into it deeper. I don’t watch old dramas, most of the ones that I’ve started, I dropped in the middle. Don’t know why but they seem cheesy to me.
  3. Favorite now: I remember you/Hello Monster, gotta love Seo In Guk <3


Best drama ever watched is Secret garden
Best old drama my lovely kim sam soon
i also like its okay thats love, cityhall, marriage not dating,full house,tree with deep roots, empress ki
I’ve watched almost 100 dramas so these are only a few
my current favorite is healer
my top two T-drama fated to love you then a tie between autumn’s concerto and down with love