What will you say is THE BEST kdrama you ever saw?


She was pretty and Reply 1988


the best drama i’ve ever seen, has to be doctors even tho its a new drama but the reason why its because the actors they chose to cast are just completely amazing there are not enough words to express how good of actors they are! and the script is just amazing.
the best old drama would be boys over flowers, which was my first ever kdrama! my first bias was and is the great lee minho<3 he is just amazing, hawt, and just an amazing actor! the actress who i am in love with is amazing she is my wcw<3 she is just too good at every drama she is in!!!

  1. My favorite Drama: Oh My Venus

  1. Favorite Older Drama:Secret Garden or Full House, I cant decide. lol


she was pretty was really funny! :slight_smile:


Best Rom-Com City Hall, my Girl, Best Love, Best Drama Cain and Abel Best Family Drama Life is Beautiful
Best Classic My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Autumn in my heart and Staircase to Heaven
So far this year the best ones, Contract Marriage, and My Fair Lady Kong Shim
Taiwanese??? I don’t watch them with the exception of any Aaron Yang drama except for his last one which was pretty bad


1.- my best kdrama? Stairway to heaven… I cried, and cried, and cried…
2.- my best classic drama? Boys over flowers… my first drama!
3.- my favorite drama? Good Doctor and That’s ok it’s love


I’m currently watching secret garden…


did you see 2003 heo jun?


is dear my friends on viki???


We share similar taste. You need to watch Bridal Mask


ooh I thought cinematography for Ja Myung Go was quite epic. Loved Park Min Young’s costumes


That’s right! That’s an outstanding drama!! ^^!


Dear My Friends isn’t on Viki.


No unfortunately it’s not. Viki is my favourite site but sometimes I have to use another one when I discover a great drama to follow. I would hesitate to recommend sending you elsewhere but this time it’s a must. "Dear my friends’ is excellent I can’t emphasise enough just how powerful it is.


hahaha I have three illegal sites that won’t shut down anytime soon as it is not a “hosting” site but a place where links are shared. The videos are almost always dailymotion. Raws are fine I am Korean. Just… a shame not to share the fun :stuck_out_tongue:


AH YES INDEED. Lucky you. I would love to understand your language but alas not having much success. I do pick up some things lost in translation. I discovered this site when I was searching for a movie two years ago and I’m hooked since. I love the discussion page as had many great dramas recommended to me here.


I’ve seen it and I liked it so much!


OLD Dramas:
Jewel in the Palace (Best Of all)
Sangdo 2001 (Best Of all)

Modern Dramas:
Reply Me Collection (Best Of all)
boys over flowers
My Love From The Star


The one and only


I watch a lot of series but no one can beat empress ki for me hahahaha


I love this story. What a plot twist!!! When he put those sneakers on him in one of the final episodes, I was crying waterfalls !!!