Whatever happened to the 'new QC program'?

@armchairdude I have a question too as a Gold QC from Europe. So far most QC Exclusive promo’s where for US only so it was useless for me. Does Viki plan to have things we all can sign up for in the future? I find it a bit unfair towards QC’s outside the US when we get a PM or something that we can get free movie tickets or whatever and then it’s for US only. Yes I understand Viki cannot pay for a flight and stay too but still it would be nice if there is more for ALL QC’s.


Hi @dudie thank you for raising the question. We understand your concern and we are actively looking for ways to accommodate users in regions outside of U.S for our future campaigns. Stay tuned!


Maybe there should be an event in a major place of each region continent/region for all the volunteers that are working around the world. I know it seems a bit impossible, but it’s just an idea. (shrugs)

North America - A major city in either USA or Canada.

Central America - Mexico

South America - Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Columbia, etc…

Europe - France, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, etc.

Middle East - Dubai / Turkey

Asia - China, Japan, S. Korea, or Russia.

Oceanic - Australia / New Zealand

Africa - South Africa

I don’t know if I should put Russia in Europe or Asia, but geographically, it’s more in Asia, so I put it in Asia. I do realize that the average Russian doesn’t look very “Asian”, though.


Don’t feel too bad. Even though I live in the US, all those promo events are held in the cities that are too far from me anyway. I was invited to a special screening of Dramaworld, held in CA before it was uploaded to Viki, and there was no way I’d purchase a plane ticket and get a hotel room to attend it! :yum:

This is not to say all the volunteers from other countries do not deserve any special promotions. I hope Viki will do special promotions for those who live in other countries soon.


I would like to point out that there are perhaps technical discrepancies on behalf the subs counter and the date when it was implemented. Please look into this discussion topic what it is about, thank you.

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I tried browsing the forums but couldn’t find anyone else like me…

My QC status shows just fine but it didn’t auto apply the viki pass or give me a code. Contacted CS days ago and got a “looking into it” and then nothing. Meanwhile I have 28000 contributions and will have to pay if I want HD and no ads. :frowning:


@mizzkitty do you have a screenshot of the vikipass setting? mine looks like this and the only access I don’t have is for vikipass Exclusive dramas… I can tell if I have HD since im on my tablet but no ads at all…

Mine looks pretty much exactly like yours.

I mostly cast from tablet to a Chromecast and I get ads plus definitely lower res. It’s not usually that fuzzy. And yeah, no access to exclusives either, obviously. :slight_smile:

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Im watching from android tablet in chrome as well but not via the App because I wouldn’t be able to use the editor (my pc crashed), so I have no ads just one video resolution but no VP exclusives, check your email box kris just sent a mail like 30 min ago. These following dramas can NOT be accessed by any QC due to the license restriction through the media contender:

Due to licensing issues, we’ve just been informed that there will no longer be QC access for the following titles:

  • Uncontrollably Fond
  • My Unfortunate Boyfriend
  • Tomorrow’s Cantabile
  • Heirs

You don’t need to do anything about the VP in settings… just wait for the staff… hopefully they will fix it this week.

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That’s not good. I checked the list of subbers all are Canadians or Americans for UF. The Korean can’t get in either. She’s in KOREA. We are trying to find European segmenters. Goodbye subtitles.


Well, darn. Don’t know if posting on the forums make them check you faster or if my timing is just great, but just got an email that my Viki Pass is now active! :smiley:

I really feel for the entire UF team, since that’s the only active project on the list. I mean, it’s not even Europe that has access, only some countries. The open access is soooo limited. Something extraordinary must’ve happened because Viki is aware most Kor-Eng translators are from North America.

Fingers crossed it gets resolved soon. Meanwhile I guess segmenting can be done, as you mentioned.


Just a question regarding the new QC status program. I currently have a total of about 120,000+ segments and subs. If for whatever reason, I do not meet the 500 contribution count within 6 months and lose my QC status, do I have to start from scratch all over again, or am I able to reactivate my status if I just contribute 500 again? Thanks!

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There’s an “official” reply to that question in another (now closed) thread:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks, linea_kdrama!

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My gut tells me it’s because of we don’t want to name site, they got exclusive for Americas and perhaps have made that condition, I bet they are trolling Viki as well!!
Im getting concerned that the QC access will start to be on shaking grounds because of them… they know how Viki operates and want to pull a break!

My VikiPass is restored but this month to month setting looks silly to me, I fullfilled my requirement and Im good till July 2017… why can’t the system just say so, as if I have to keep track because glitches continue to happen…


When you think about it, QC system is the main reason why this site works (so well), because, even when North Am viewers are not allowed to watch a show, the NA QCs are still diligently working on it.

I wouldn’t want to speculate if the You-know-which-site is involved or not, but I hope it doesn’t continue.

I’m more annoyed with this new “you can watch the first four episodes for free, but then you have to buy a subscription” type of a thing. It’s kinda sneaky and makes the Viki site that much less benevolent.


We need to acknowledge viki is a company.
I have gotten vpn. I actually was the first one to alert everyone. I couldn’t even get into the editors to say hi!!!
We’re working on getting European and Middle Eastern segmenters. We have half a European subber… Hopefully this stuff works.

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NA (North American) QCs and other QCs who are in restricted region have no access to sub or to seg unless you have VPN; I just hope this won’t become a pattern.

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Restricting access mid-way? Who do they think they are? I understand regional restrictions before people start watching, but after???

My first reaction is why bother with that specific channel (not the viki channel, the TV channel) any longer. There are thousands of shows out there.

I feel for the ones who watched the first episodes and for those who wasted precious time for segments and subtitles, but I’m glad the channel people showed their true colors and that we can now give a chance to more respectful managements, that decide the licences beforehand,

Later, when I’m calmer, I will wonder why they also forbade subtitles in specific languages.

I understand restricting access to specific regions, but why would anyone want to discourage someone that lives in an allowed region but speaks a “forbidden” language? Why do they also restrict subtitles? Do they have some content that could be offending to certain people? I know it’s paranoia, but…