Whatever happened to the 'new QC program'?

I remember awhile back, Viki was talking about setting up a new QC program with different tiers/levels (QC trainees, QCs, QC gold, stuff like that) that was also at least semi-automated. At least, they sent out some info to current QCs about it.

Anyone hear any updates to it? Because I don’t think it ever launched.

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Wow, good timing! :slight_smile: According to the QC Newsletter that was just sent out, the new program will be launching within the next 24 hours.

Blog post: Viki’s Qualified Contributor Program Gets a Brand New Look


so what happens when you are above 20,000? are we viki pass for 6 months too? or could it be that you get it renewed for 6 additional months automatically every 3000 subs or 2000 segments?

Think Starbucks Gold Card program in USA.

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I’m curious about this new program too. Does the 2000 to 3000 apply every 6 months of QC Vikipass, so you have to basically do 6000 together within a year to qualify for annual. Can you do all 6000 at once, or do you have to do 3000 for the first 6 months, then another 3000 for next 6 months?

Please answer my queries based on this blog here:

Also does this new QC program apply January 1, 2016 or from now on (July 12, 2016)? Does that mean if you want Gold QC status, your contribution for first half of the year (like my 70,000 segments + subs) does not apply to the Gold QC Program. You will have to do 20,000 from July 12, 2016 onward to qualify?

Your answer would be appreciated!



Hey @amypun,

Thanks for your questions. I’m the product manager for web and community at Viki, and I’ll be happy to answer your questions on behalf of the team.

  1. The QC program uses your lifetime contributions to calculate your QC tier. So if you have 70K contributions, you will automatically be upgraded to Gold QC when the new program launches later today.

  2. Once you receive QC status of any tier, the status and benefits are automatically valid for six months. If you contribute at least 500 combined segments and subtitles during these six months, you will automatically be renewed for an additional six months after that. And so forth.

  3. As you continue to contribute to renew your QC status, if at anytime your lifetime contribution count qualifies you for the next tier up, you will automatically be upgraded to the next tier. (I know this doesn’t apply to you, since you are already at the highest tier, but this is for the benefit of others who may be wondering.)

I hope this helps answer your questions! We also realized that the blog post didn’t mention about the renewing part, so we have amended the blog post to include the part about renewals.

The whole team is really excited about launching this new program. Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions!

Product Manager for Web and Community, Viki


Hello @armchairdude

Thanks for your answers to my questions. Do you mind if I ask few follow-up questions to ensure I understand?

  1. Since QC Program uses lifetime contributions to calculate QC tier. So if I have 535K current lifetime contribution, I’m automatically a Gold QC as long as I contribute at least 500 segments or subtitles (combined) every 6 months to maintain it, correct?

  2. According to the blog: https://blog.viki.com/vikis-qualified-contributor-program-gets-a-brand-new-look-504af499dbd0#.2hriqrmrh

Power Segmenters who have between 2,000 and 3,000 segments will also be granted standard QC status for six (6) months even if your contribution count is below the 3,000 required for Tier 2 QC status.

I was wondering about this statement above. According to viki rules, Power Segmenters require 20,000 segments to qualify for the Gold Scissors Badge. That would mean their lifetime contribution of 20,000 segments would give them Gold QC, correct? Why would we have between 2000 to 3000 segments to gain standard QC status for 6 months unlike the 500 segments you’ve mentioned earlier?

Is that a typing mistake meaning the current QC for segmenters who qualified at 2000 segments would require 1000 more to reach Tier 2 QC status?


Hi @amypun,

  1. That is correct. For yourself (and other seasoned QCs on Viki), your lifetime contributions will automatically qualify you for Gold QC as long as you can contribute at least 500 segments or subtitles every 6 months.

  2. Sorry. That is a mistake in our blog post. Thanks for helping us catch it. What we meant is that segmenters (not Power Segmenters) who reach QC status by achieving 2000 segments will also be granted QC Tier 2, even if their current contribution count is less than 3000. This is a one-time conversion benefit, since we don’t think it’s fair for existing QCs who qualified because of their segmenting work to be “downgraded” to QC Trainee just because they didn’t cross the 3000 mark. However, for all new volunteers, they will have to work their way up through the standard thresholds of 1000 (for QC Trainee) and 3000 (for QC).

Hope this helps clarify!



That was a useful reply!
Could you please elaborate a bit about the Language Self-Evaluation thingie? I read it twice, and I don’t seem to understand a thing. Also, since what is posted here is only a picture, I cannot guess what the link to the Self-Evaluation form is. I tried the blog to find the original post about that, but couldn’t find it. I looked at my email to see this QC Newsletter, but the only thing I saw was a congratulations message about me becoming a Gold QC (thanks, viki!).
So could you please reply me with the link, please? Maybe by going there I shall understand what this whole thing is.


Sure. We recently added a Language Self Evaluation form as an entry point for new users that are interested in joining Viki’s volunteering community.

The Viki community team reviews all of the submissions, vets the users, and helps guide pre-qualified users to channels that they might be interested in. They are also channeling advanced speakers who have demonstrated a mastery of their respective language to projects as well as to Channel Managers or Language Moderators.

If you have any questions on the LSE form, please feel free to reach out to @anaheli, @kris_o, @emily_154 or @clara_kim_544. :slight_smile:


And… the link to the form?
Another question: who judges the submitters? And those advanced speakers who have demonstrated a mastery of their respective language… who says they have this mastery?

I’m recruiting people right now for a couple of projects, so I’m very interested.


Users can access the LSE form from our Viki Community landing page by clicking on any of the “Get Started” buttons. :slight_smile:

For now, all submissions will be reviewed by Viki staff. Please feel free to reach out to @anaheli if you are keen to understand more about the process.


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this is the page I found, Im still a bit puzzled but it states earlier it’s for new users…

So if I understand correctly the starting point/ computing start is as of today for NEW CONTRIBUTIONS.
For example I had 20,000 something at the end of Dec 2015, now Im at 30,000+ it’s July 12, so theorethically Im covered for six month (as I subbed ca 10,000 from Jan to July 11, 2016).
When I type min 500 subs from July 12 till Dec 31, 2016 (?) my QC benefit continues till June 30th 2017(?) and so forth?? Is this correct?
Thanks for feedback.

Hi, that’s what I was curious about too and looked up my profile, it simply says “overachieved” …
It’s somewhat funny :wink:
Well if I wouldn’t follow the discussions here, I wouldn’t know about this.
I never got this QC Newsletter.


the QC newsletters come into your email box, not in your vikimail box, check again, I got mine.

That is correct.

Everyone who is a QC as of yesterday has a 180 days (i.e. six month) validity for their QC status, which expires in early Jan 2017.

As long as you contribute at least 500 subtitles or segments combined between now and early Jan, your QC status will be renewed for another 180 days, until sometime in Jul 2017. And if you contribute another 500 between Jan 2017 and Jul 2017, you get another 180 days until Jan 2018. And so forth.


I don’t know how or why, they sent it to my old email account. At July 7th I got the last email from them on the right account …
What now?
Can’t change it back it won’t accept it.

Cheerer/insightful comments (voted by community + community nominations)
Badge for EVERY language
Separate role for editors especially English editor and chief
Page designer


then contact them via support@viki.zendesk.com or the staff like Kris_o or clara_kim_544.


I already did, but thanks for the advice.^^

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