Which anime series we'll love to see on viki?


Maybe is hard to get the lisense…No idea, I wish we had more anime here…


I like Blood+, Basilisk, death note, darker than black, inuyasha, angel beats ,vampire knight, reborn and others that I can’t remember in this moment.


Code Gueass for sure :slight_smile: Its a great anime very mind bending.


Iwatobi Swim Club Free!, kuroko no basket, sailor moon, and FMA (first series)


Definitely some of the classics:

  • Sailor Moon [whether we like it or not, it was a phenomenon. I liked it ^^]
  • DragonBall [Son Goku. Period]
  • Bleach [It’s mainstream, it’s all over the world, even here in Romania we had the first 2-3 seasons a while ago, on TV, and the license would be easier to get…I think]
  • Rurouni Kenshin [a remorseful ex-hitokiri samurai/wanderer… Great Story]
  • Gegege no Kitaro [classic]

And some of the newer ones:

  • Code Geass [either love him or hate him]
  • Sword Art Online [hmm… I didn’t want to watch this one, the whole inside the game feeling, but it’s precisely that that pulls you in. The feeling of a game: you have to pass another level to get to the tower, it gets addicting]

Or… Dear Viki, just pick Gintama, and I think everyone will be pleased ^^


Totally agree with all of your list!!

Rurouni Kenshin is my favorite though, amazing story, first thing that introduced me to the asian world, would watch it like 10000 times xp
Oh dear viki please get us some more animes:’(


Domo arigatou!

I, for one, love the Black Jack anime (and the recent live-action), but Viki should realize the anime franchise is a boost for them. It’s where they get more volunteers, since it’s for non-QCs also.
And, look at other sites that stream anime legally. It gives billions of people the chance to experience anime at the same time with the Japanese.

For example: One episode [anime series] ~25min. That’s ~half of a Korean Tvdrama episode. Which means - speed. We could have Kenshin ^^ in all the languages Viki has to offer or One Piece [ongoing series] just like with on-air korean dramas, on the same day.

Look at me dreaming away…sigh…
So, once again, dear Viki, take this into account.


Even Naruto which is available everywhere legally and for free is not available here :’(
We can keep on dreaming… lol
But hopefully one day it will eventully happen… i wish!


I would love it if Viki had ‘‘shugo chara’’ <3


I love naruto, but think about it…the amount of work that will need, 300+ episodes per season SMH that’s way too much for the subbers.


But then again, naruto has SOOOO MANY fans and i think there would be tons of subbers who would actually volunteer for it.
For example, in my country Viki is not known much, but i can garantee if there were classic animes viki would be better known over here.


Detective conan and Naruto :slight_smile:


I want to watch Death Note + shingiki no kyojin + watamote + Kuroshitsuji + Hunter x Hunter. Please ViKi !!
أريد أن أشاهد أنمي مذكرة الموت + الخادم الأسود + هجوم العمالة + قناص × قناص. أرجوكم فيكي !!


Hunter X hunter ! I really love that Anime totally forgot !


From the classic shows I would like to see Lady Georgie , Candy Candy and Mila Superstar (these cartoons made my childhood awesome). I remember I watched Mila Superstar on Canale5 (Italian channel) on 1994 and even learn Italian for that reason :slight_smile: I did not access the www until 1997.


Detective Conan will be great to have here.


@mihaelagh, I don’t know much about anime. But I would not forget my first and second animes: Inuyasha and Death Note. I hope they are in Viki…


yes me too i love this anime naruto is thebest forever


I agree with you!! Viki would be much better known, if they’d let us watch animes, too…

I’d love to help sub Rurouni Kenshin or Naruto…
and although there are many episodes, it’s only 20 min each and a lot of fans…


The anime another, definitely! Even if it’s horror based it is amazing!!