Which anime series we'll love to see on viki?


That would be sooo amazing! :slight_smile: Fighting for the license! You guys are awesome.


I totally forgot about Inuyasha! Of course, this anime should be on Viki as well!!


i heard the series will finish after the war :frowning: i really want to see the ending but i don’t want it to finish ,really there is nothing will Compensates naruto


Definitely Dragon Ball !!! Here in Germany Viki would be more known with that … Especially my best friend who is addicted to Dragon Ball haha


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Detective Conan my first love when I was a kid ( of course his older Version) but I watch that till now and I would definitely watch it on viki … I would be so happy about that


Right!! The older version of Conan is really cool!^^ And yes, it would be awesome to watch Detective Conan on Viki. I would definitely watch it as well on Viki. :slight_smile:


lol I was also addicted to Dragon Ball when I was younger. And I also watched Dragon Ball Z later. ^^ Basically, they fight all the time. But there were so many funny scenes and characters. I guess that is why I liked that anmie.^^


Yeahhh exactly my thought!!!
Ohh Rurouni Kenshin would just be great!!! xD


It would be awesome!!! xDD I’d love to watch (and sub) Rurouni Kenshin @viki :slight_smile:


Me too!!! : D let’s just hope it happens one day!!


I LOVE death note! i got my older brother into anime through that lol! he was obsessed! XD

Vampire Knight … its just amazing .

Rom Coms? :smiley:

Trying to think of ones that haven’t been said but i haven’t read all the posts sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Special A
Koucha Wa Maid Sama
Kodocha ( quality is old but its good!)
yumeiro patissiere
Lovely complex,
Cardcaptor Sakura - i didn’t really enjoy this but quite a lot of people do!
Kamichama karin,
Kirarin revolution,
bokura ga ita
D.N Angel
Love Hina
Itzura no kiss ( theres a Kdrama called ‘playful kiss’ which has Kim Hyun Joong as the main!!)
ouran high school club ( i think theres a jdrama of this)
Gauken alice
shugo chara
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (i think theres a jdrama of this too… not sure)
Zero no Tsukaima
Fruit baskets
peach girl

thats all i can think off right from my head but theres this really good one thats like 12 eps and i can’t remember what its called!:frowning: ima look for it then post back later!!


I remember! It’s called Elf and Fairy :smiley: – It’s a lot better than it sounds!


Hi jojo, how can we convince viki to upload Inuyasha here, especially now that I heard this anime has been completed…
I want a man like Inuyasha… a bit stupid but loyal and honest…:slight_smile:


Let’s suggest this anime at the helpcenter and let them know that “Inuyasha” is a cool, interesting, funny & popular anime that should be licensed!!^_^Maybe viki will get the license for this anime (and other cool animes) some day. (I hope so!!)


I’d love to watch Fairy Tail here O


I’d love to see Vision of Escaflown, Claymore, Death Note and my ultimate favorite Neon Genesis Evangelion


If they started putting on my fav animes I would be on viki 24/7 re addicted to it been sooooooooooo long since I watched any T_T I think I d/l like over 300-400 series way back in the day I was on an anime trading site…those of you that know me thought my Drama addiction was bad doesn’t even come close to how addicted I was to anime!! :smiley: First Anime I ever saw saw Sailor Moon and personally I LOVED it I watched the entire series up to what it SS whatever and all the OVAs!!! I’d like to see the 12 Kingdoms, Fruit Baskets, Fushigi Yuugi, Full Metal Panic, Nana, Beck, Pardse Kiss, Moon Phase, Hellsing, ohhhhhhhhh too many too list!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I was in love with Inuyasha. The only thing about anime is that long series like that with no definite ending are just disappointing. That’s how it was with FairyTail. There were so many potential stories, and then it just fizzled. To be continued…


I just received a newsletter from viki. Maybe some of you already know.

We’ll have M3 The Dark Metal on air!!!


I’d love to see/watch/sub/moderate or whatever :smiley: Rurouni Kenshin, Naruto(Shippuuden) and Tokyo ghoul :slight_smile: