Which asian food do you wanna try or recommed?


udon is quite thick, and made with wheat and water. traditionally, it is served in a soy sauce based broth and some toppings. now, you can also stir fry it, or have it with other types of broth. i would say it’s pretty easy with frozen udon and pre-packaged stuff, but if you’re doing it from scratch, the noodles might not look so pretty first try.


I don’t know whether it’s the whole brand. This is what I buy:

If you look at the ingredients, there’s some stuff that you’d have to write to the company to really know (glycine, disodium inosinate) because it can go either way. the “meat” pieces are actually soy protein, though. I don’t worry too much about “maybe” vegetarian trace ingredients, but obviously this is something you need to decide for yourself… If you want to make it from scratch, though, it’s not difficult if you find the black bean sauce at a store.


Udon is the beeeest and worth seeking out! The frozen or vacuum sealed ones are the best, the dried udon isn’t as thick and not as unique. But they’re very thick delicious noodles that are great in stir fries or soup! I prefer them to ramen personally.


thank you for my "lessons " in noodles!! so I see they are entirely different, I will go to the store and check them out.


I really like sweet in a spicy food but I remember one time I went to the Korean restaurant o and tried “뚝배기 불고기” I don’t know if they did it differently, it was like kinda the taste was exploding inside of my mouth


I LOVE jjajangmyeon!